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Know Your Entrepreneur : Arjun Malhotra

Dec 13, 2018

Presenting you the 12th in series of Know Your Entrepreneur, this time we interviewed Mr. Arjun Malhotra, Co-founder of HCL Technologies. HCL Technologies is a next-generation global technol ...Read more

Placement FAQs

Oct 20, 2018

Ever thought whom to contact to clear your doubts regarding the placement process. Whether it be CV verification process or the need to attend the PPTs or trusting the right medium to get t ...Read more

Jewels Of KGP: Mr. Shrey Goyal

Sept 07, 2018

Following a right plan and an effective philosophy to deal with problems, he was listed in the ‘Forbes India 30 Under 30’ list of 2016 in the NGO and Social category, at merely an age of ...Read more

Disha Seema Centre School: A KGPian's classic tale of selfless service

August 20, 2018

“It is very easy to live for yourself”, says Hansa beaming with energy even in her 72nd year in her office room of the Disha Seema Centre School, a residential complex for children from ...Read more

Jewels of KGP: Dr. Sanghamitra Bandyopadhyay

Apr 01, 2018

She was awarded the prestigious Shanti Swarup Bhatnagar Prize in Engineering Science in 2010, Infosys Prize 2017 and Third World Academy of Science Prize, 2018. Awaaz got a chance to interac ...Read more

Survey Analysis: A Report on B C Roy Technology Hospital

March 27, 2018

Awaaz, IIT Kharagpur requested the students to respond to a google form where they could let us know about the problems the student community is facing in view of an allegedly incompetent ho ...Read more

Proposal Update: Mr. Mayank Srivastava, Vice President, TSG

March 26, 2018

Before answering on the proposals, I would like to share that while contesting the elections, there are many proposals that we put forward, considering the different problems faced by the st ...Read more

Jewels Of KGP: Mr. Siddartha Khastgir

March 15, 2018

Mr Khastgir is currently a Principal Engineer at the WMG, University of Warwick where his research is focused on developing new methods and knowledge necessary to test driverless cars to ens ...Read more

Need Of Basic Amenities

March 13, 2018

Being a part of one of the premier institutes of the country, day in and day out we are in pursuit of all-round growth. However, on introspection, it isn’t difficult to find out that we la ...Read more

Lean In, IIT Kharagpur

March 8, 2018

There are some initiatives that we see coming up in the campus for the betterment of its residents. While it takes lot of efforts and courage to delve into the world of new experiences which ...Read more

Jewels of KGP: Mr. Shailendra Kumar

Feb 24, 2018

Well in this edition of “JEWELS OF KGP” we have a personality who has practiced and realized those lines in his life. He is the founder and president of Nalanda 2.0, a non-profit and non ...Read more

Jewels of KGP: Dr. Harish Hande

Nov 11, 2017

Dr. Harish Hande is an Energy Engineering graduate from IIT Kharagpur (and doctorate from UMass Lowell) and co-founder of the social enterprise SELCO (Solar Electric Light Company), India wh ...Read more

Awaaz : Do's & don'ts for Department Change

Nov 5, 2017

We had with us Mr. Soumya Mahapatra, an undergraduate student in the department of Electronics and Communication Engineering of the batch of 2015. His CGPA at the end of his first semester w ...Read more

CDC Internship Analysis

October 18, 2017

A good internship experience influences the future placement of a student in a considerable manner. A college education might serve the student with a degree and depict the academic proficie ...Read more

National Digital Library: A gift from IITKGP

October 15, 2017

The National Digital Library (NDL) project, the biggest online repository of its own kind, is surely one of them. The National Digital Library of India, hosted by IIT Kharagpur and sponsore ...Read more

Know Your Professor: Parama Barai

Oct 12, 2017

In this series of Know Your Professor (KYP), we are going to introduce you all to Professor Parama Barai. She did her B.Tech in Civil Engineering from NIT Durgapur, Masters from IISc. Bangal ...Read more

Jewels of KGP : Mr. Lakshya Jain

October 6th, 2017

Do you know that a KGPian is one of the project team members of the MIT Hyperloop team who won the SpaceX Hyperloop Pod Competition Design phase held in January 2016 and member of its Electr ...Read more

Happiness Project: What Made Me

August 31, 2017

Psychologists reveal that the people in depression can’t figure out what makes them happy anymore. It becomes the responsibility of their friends, relatives and everybody else who can affe ...Read more

Know Your Professor: Debalay Chakrabarti

Aug 28, 2017

In this series of KYP, we are going to take you to a rather young professor who is again an alumnus of our institution- Professor Debalay Chakrabarti. He joined the Institute in 2008 and is ...Read more

Jewels of KGP : Mr. Sikhar Patranabis

August 08, 2017

What do most of us expect in our lives? A happy family, a luxury car, a colossal home and finally, a well settled life? Basically, to be honest, most of the times, it all boils down to one m ...Read more

The Synthetic Track Fiasco

August 08, 2017

As a member of the KGP fraternity who is very enthusiastic about sports, I think that the underwhelming support from Technology Students' Gymkhana regarding the enhancement of sports facilit ...Read more

Know Your Professor: Joy Sen

May 8, 2017

In the next article of the series 'Know Your Professor', we would like to introduce you with one of the most popular professors of the institute, Professor Joy Sen. Currently the Head of Dep ...Read more

NSO H&F and its Relevance

April 18, 2017

Alarm at 5, rushing to find the cycle keys and reaching the stadium panting but oops… you will not be given any attendance because you are late”, going to room crying upon the efforts to ...Read more

There's more than meets the eye

April 15, 2017

The General Championships have always been about one’s attachment to one’s own hall, generally termed as “Hall Tempo”. These events must have been introduced with an aim to foster th ...Read more

Know Your Professor: Suman Chakraborty

April 13, 2017

Prof. Suman Chakraborty was a student of St. Lawrence High School, Kolkata. In his student life, he always scored good marks in the examinations but was not able to make up to the top rank i ...Read more

GYWS: A Big Step Towards Transformation

April 10, 2017

" The most beautiful thing in this world is to see children smile, and the next big thing is to know that you are the reason behind that smile." Gopali Youth Welfare Society(GYWS) is a re ...Read more

Campus Politics at IITs

April 02, 2017

With Gymkhana elections round the corner, one of our fellow KGPian, Lokesh Deshmukh, writes about "Campus Politics at IITs" under the column "Your Perspective", a new initiative took by us t ...Read more

Artificial Intelligence: Motivation, Implications & Application

April 01, 2017

Technology making our overall lives easier and more effective is not a topic of today. Artificial Intelligence is what leads the force of technology currently and fans out through a variety ...Read more

Will IIT KGP Ever Go Cashless?

March 28, 2017

Will IIT Kgp ever go cashless? Well, this is a big question and we agree that it requires a significant amount of time and effort to change the ongoing system. Though not enough, the institu ...Read more

What If I had Turned Off the Switches?

23 March, 2017

Since its discovery, electricity has illuminated our lives in a way one cannot imagine. But in the present times of scarcity of resources, the careless abuse of electricity is hurting us the ...Read more

An Interview with Commander V.K Jaitley

March 8, 2017

Mr. Veerendra Kumar Jaitley is one of the well-renowned alumni of IIT Kharagpur. He did his M.Tech in Satellite Communication and B.Tech in Electronics and Electrical Communication Engineeri ...Read more

Shedding Light on a Dark Subject!

Mar 05, 2017

"My friend, My wingmate and now, I can't use these words for him. We can't talk, eat or play together. He killed himself a few days ago. It's very difficult to swallow such a tragedy as you ...Read more

Jewels Of Kgp : Parag Havaldar

Feb 22, 2016

As a young child, I wanted to join the medical field, but some of my experiences with math and science changed that to attending an IIT. I don’t know when I got interested specifically in ...Read more

NSS: Is it Relevant or Not?

Feb 9, 2017

A rigorous analysis of the problems with NSS in our institute is blatantly needed. While the students are very much active on social media, they are losing their sense of social responsibili ...Read more

Jewels of Kgp : Pratish Datta

Feb 1, 2017

Mr Pratish Datta, who despite being visually impaired, has reached great heights of success in his life. Currently, he is doing his PhD in the field of “Cryptology and Security systems” ...Read more

Know Your Professor: Navtej Singh

Jan 30, 2017

Professor Navtej Singh, an alumnus of the same institution where he has been serving as a professor for last 32 years, has spent 46 years of his life in this campus. Presently, he is delive ...Read more

Know Your Professor : Somesh Kumar

Jan 24, 2017

Professor Somesh Kumar is one of those professors of IIT Kgp who does not need much of an introduction, being the president of Gymkhana, IIT Kharagpur and a renowned professor in the departm ...Read more

Know Your Professor : Asish Ganguly

Jan 9, 2017

Asish Ganguly is an assistant professor at the department of Mathematics. His major research area is Applied Mathematics. Specialized area includes Quantum Mechanics (Hermitian & Non-Hermiti ...Read more

Return of The Fee Hike

Dec 15, 2016

The bomb that exploded a semester ago returned again as the semester was about to end. A new circular has emerged regarding the Hostel Overhead Charges(HOH), which is collected from each stu ...Read more

Human Rights : 'Right to Information'

Nov 12, 2016

Human Rights, in simple words, are the rights that belong to every human irrespective of his/her diversity. In this section, we are going to introduce to you the various rights that we of ...Read more

Learn Earn Return

Nov 4, 2016

In the backdrop of slashing of the Government funding to the institute and increase in fees for the students, IIT Kharagpur has come up with a plan called "Learn, Earn and Return" ...Read more

Science of Happiness

Nov 1, 2016

World Happiness Report, 2013 demonstrates that a large amount of cases of depression and anxiety disorders occur between the age groups of 15 and 24 years. Hence, being an institute of natio ...Read more

Illumination: The Light in Kgp's Night

Oct 29, 2016

As the entire nation is gearing up for one of the most awaited festive moments of the year 'Diwali', the students at IIT KGP are pouring their heart out for the preparation of thei ...Read more

Jewels of Kgp : Madhav Datt

Oct 28, 2016

At a mere age of 8 when most of us don’t even realize the miracle which we are walking on, a student of Eicher School Faridabad became conscious about the environmental crisis we are facin ...Read more

Foreign University Training: A Beginner's Guide

Oct 22, 2016

Getting an internship opportunity in a foreign institution is the new craze among students. Almost everyone is putting his efforts to bag an FT. To help such students, Awaaz, IIT Kharagpur ...Read more

CV Module: Complex Mess or Uniformly reliable?

19 August , 2016

For the past few days we have been seeing a growing trend of resentment amongst the students sitting for placements and internships regarding the newly introduced CV module for the auto gene ...Read more

Information Portal

July 26, 2016

The new sprouts of Kharagpur family need to be made aware of everything happening around our campus. Everything from Academics to Societies and from Contacts to Eateries. Awaaz, IIT Kharagpu ...Read more

Election "tab" aur "ab"

April 3, 2016

The season of gymkhana election is on its way. We are witnessing different colours of the election right now in the campus. And that makes us wonder, was the gymkhana election always like th ...Read more

Election Survey

March 11, 2016

Awaaz, IIT Kharagpur presents you an opportunity to directly raise your problems and give your valuable suggestions to change the system and to eradicate problems prevailing in the campus. Y ...Read more

How Safe are you ?

March 27, 2016

Amid all the issues upcoming right now in the campus, like the mess system or campus cleanliness. We often undermine one of the most critical issue regarding security of the campus. IIT, K ...Read more

A Big Mess in the 'Mess'

March 06, 2016

The mess in KGP is nonetheless messier than anything in 2100 acres of this premier institute of national importance and has been one of the most important yet controversial issues pertaining ...Read more

In Depth Analysis of Placements 2015-16

March 03, 2016

Like every year, the placements of this season saw several records being broken and a few being made. Whether it be 2 crore PPO of Google or record breaking 12 offers from ADOBE, IIT Kharagp ...Read more

Placements(Phase 1) : 2015-16

February 07, 2016

The most important piece of information is out. Like every year, this year's placement season saw some records being broken and some being made. As a matter of fact, QS rated IIT Kharagpur a ...Read more

Guest Lecture: Shoojit Sircar

January 28, 2016

Shoojit Sircar, director of many famous movies like Vicky Donor, Piku, Madras Cafe visited the campus for giving the guest lecture at Kshitij 2016. In his guest lecture at TOAT he described ...Read more

Critical Analysis of QS World Rankings

November 10,2015

The IITs are considered as the best institutes for the growth of young minds throughout the country. But in the worldly scenario IITs lag behind the standard what they are supposed to be. Th ...Read more