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Placement FAQs

Posted on October 20, 2018

In view of the queries regarding placement process, Awaaz, IIT Kharagpur had a talk with the placement committee members and here we produce the answers to Frequently Asked Questions regarding the process.

Importance of PPTs

Along with telling about themselves, the companies also judge how much the students on the campus are interested in them. Less turnouts in PPTs may, sometimes, signify students' disinterest in the corresponding companies and this may result in those companies reducing the offers they want to make here. Due to this, the PlaceComs for those companies sometimes lose ground for the discussion regarding the increase in the number of offers for certain profiles. Students of a particular department being inquisitive and seemingly interested in a PPT may invite special interest from the company and in some cases, a department not entitled for that company initially may get the benefit of being allowed to sit for that company after the PPT. This year onwards, stricter rules for attendance in PPTs shall be in place.

Question: What would be the plans of CDC to invite more core companies in the campus?

Answer: The PlaceComs are in talks with professors from specific departments who can recommend relevant core companies which can reach KGP for recruitment purposes. We are also considering and trying to rope in certain companies which visit other IITs.

Question: Since PSUs weren't open to Dual Degree students last time, is there a possibility of them accepting dual degree students this time? Will CDC request them to consider dual degree people as well?

Answer: PSUs have very specific requirements and they open for the departments and courses accordingly. This process is centralised and applicable to all the institutes.

Question: Is it possible to call these companies early as these companies are only going to get open for 1 or 2 branches and hold the process in some of the departmental Seminar halls or somewhere else without wasting the slot?

Answer: Since most of the students also apply to companies which are open to all and are generally present in Nalanda, so locating some companies to the respective departmental seminar halls would create chaos in the process.

Question: Can a tentative list of companies, respective profiles they would be looking for and dates of tests going to be conducted by them be released a week before the placements begin?

Answer: The entire information like the name of companies coming on a particular day and the room allocated to that company, is conveyed to the students via the medium of the notice board. The problem with releasing the schedule a week in advance is that we do not reveal companies to the student community, in order to prevent any exchange of information between the students and the companies in case student has any contacts in the company.
We are apprehensive about releasing the schedule in advance since those are subject to change even at the eleventh hour due to several reasons pertaining to a large number of companies coming to the institute for recruitment. We hope that the students do not interact with the companies' officials even if they have contacts. The schedule and other updates are posted on the CDC noticeboard, which stands as the only official source of information regarding CDC placement process. Students must note that schedule is updated sometimes, so the students need to check the noticeboard regularly and follow the most recent schedule in order to avoid any confusion with the previously released schedules. This year, the tests for placement will begin on 23rd October.

Question: How can a student know placement package of companies which haven't declared their package in the PPT?

Answer: The information is always provided in the JNF with all the breakup in the package, the job description and the departments for which the company is open.

Question: Can a student apply for more than one profile in a company?

Answer: There is no specific restriction from CDC regarding this. It depends on the company if it can accept applications for different profiles from the same person. The same will automatically reflect in the ERP and if the student is given the option to apply for more than one profiles in the same company, then he/she may choose to apply accordingly.

Question: Will ISRO come to the campus before the start of the placement season as it did in November last year?

Answer: Students consider PSU jobs more reputed than private sector jobs. The PSUs also have a special privilege granted by the MHRD to visit the campus before the placement drive, and ISRO, being a PSU, thus gains more priority. It is to be noted that ISRO has explicitly mentioned that it will not be opening for the students of the Electrical Engineering Department.

Question: What is the difference in having M.Tech in Financial Engineering or Engineering Entrepreneurship and having a minor or micro in them?

Answer: If we get finance companies opening only for economics then we pitch them to open for those people too who have their M.Tech in Financial Engineering. For these students, their M.Techs in Financial Engineering and EP are considered separately in the placements as well as Internships.

Question: Is STL allowed in coding tests?

Answer: The use of STL during a particluar coding test entirely depends on the instructions of the test and is company specific. If a particular problem can’t be solved without the use of the library, it is obvious that the use of libraries would certainly be permitted.

Question: How much is the Pre-assessment test significant as a criterion for selection?

Answer:Most companies want their own tests to be conducted but due to logistical issues and time constraints it is not possible to conduct tests for all the companies. This is when the companies are given the option of choosing the scores of pre-assessment test as a parameter for shortlisting. Thus we advise students to take the pre-assessment test seriously.

Question: What are the efforts made by CDC in countering negligence from students?

Answer: The students must follow the noticeboard religiously. Handling the placement process of 2000 students can be made easy only when the students are sincere enough to follow that single source of information.

Question: In the past, there have been instances when a company offered a person job in a particular portfolio during the placement season while the situation and work profile changed drastically after getting into the company. What is your take on this?

Answer: There are certain officials who monitor their work for the first 2-3 years and take regular feedback from the students who are placed in those companies. We have also blacklisted companies which have not followed the clauses and have indulged in such activities.

Question: What are the steps taken to improve CV Portal’s interface?

Answer: CV Portal's interface can be improved by the ERP only. Understandably, there are scopes for improvement, but CDC can't help it much due to technical limitations.

Question: Is Goldman Sachs coming to our campus this time?

Answer: Company specific doubts ought to be cleared via CDC noticeboard in due course of time as and when required. In case of further doubts, PlaceComs are always available to address them, if someone asks personally.

Question: How much will be the CGPA cutoffs? Will there be companies asking for CGPA 8 or even higher?

Answer: Although the PlaceComs try to lower the CGPA cutoff by initiating talks and negotiations, this solely depends on the company's discretion. Roughly around 90% of the companies don’t have any CGPA cutoffs. In some cases, for instance, companies with R&D profile, the officials think the CGPA cutoffs to be necessary. Placement Committee requests the student community to have faith in us as we shall always try our best to negotiate with the companies so that maximum students can have a fair chance to get an offer.

Question: What is the dress code for the PPTs and for interviews?

Answer: If there is any dress code for presentations, it would be certainly mentioned in the notice. For interviews, we would suggest black trousers and formal white shirt.

Question: Why were Intel and Analog Devices opened only for M.Tech, but not for MS courses?

Answer: We beg to differ. They had indeed allowed application from MS courses as well, for both Electrical as well as Electronics & Electrical Communication Department.

Question: Sometimes, some people get clueless regarding the process at certain places. Where can our urgent queries be answered?

Answer: As of now, CDC lacks a complaint portal. Our contact details are available on the CDC website and most of the people know us personally. Thus, they can message anyone of us or even call us directly.

Question: What steps one should take if he/she misses the CV verification deadline?

Answer: He/she should write a formal application to CDC Chairman and if the reason is genuine enough to be approved, permission to submit CV will be granted according to that.

Question: ML & DA being the buzzwords, what are the steps to ensure that more and more companies come for these profiles?

Answer: We believe that there are a sufficient number of companies coming for these profiles. Adding to this, most of the companies hiring in data analytics are open to all.

Question: In which order are the candidates sent to interviews? Is it roll number wise or first come first sent basis or random?

Answer: The procedure on the very first day of placement season is slightly different and harder to comprehend. But, from the second day onwards companies themselves provide us the order and we just follow that sequence.

Question: Gmail forums are generally updated later than ERP noticeboard. Why does this issue persist?

Answer: MFTP is not authorized by CDC. There may be some errors and hence it is highly advisable to follow the ERP noticeboard.

Question: Some people claim to get the location or the stipend changed with the help of PlaceComs. Is that true?

Answer: Usually, the location, job profile and CTC are specified so that the student can look through these before applying. Incidents have taken place in the past that the student got selected for the applied post but at the end, he/she realises that it is not his/her cup of tea. This results in deterioration of the image of other students as well as the college.
Students should be aware of the basic rules such as 10% tax law and should always clarify all their doubts from the PlaceComs before taking any action themselves.

Question: Why does the interview process take place during a seemingly odd time of 12 - 6 am?

Answer: We have not conducted any personal interview between the said hours, some internship interviews have stretched a little beyond 12 but not more. Also, the interviews affect only the people who were interested in the firm and who had cleared multiple rounds as well, we hope that stretching the interviews beyond the time and getting them completed are in students' interest.

Question: If someone misses the test, will there be any problem?

Answer: CDC has a certain set of guidelines which says that if someone has applied for a company he/she has to complete the entire process (tests, PI and HR round). CDC rule says that one is free to go only after completing the entire process. Now if you have applied for a company and you are not turning out for the test, there are chances that you may get blacklisted. There has been an example during CDC internships where 200 people applied for a company and not more than 30 people actually came for the test.
Instances of some people approaching the PlaceComs at the last moment expressing their desire to not join a particular company just before its final Personal Interview have been reported in the past. We request the students to clearly set goals and not spoil the chances of others by reaching the final stage and then trying to back out.

Question: What are the common mistakes students usually commit and how can they avoid them?


  • Not attending PPTs and tests is the biggest mistake by virtue of which a student compromises with, or better to say, ruins the opportunities of others, too.
  • Accepting and believing in rumours from outside should be avoided and confusions should be cleared with the help of PlacComs.
  • One makes a mistake by not paying attention to the noticeboard. There is no other authorized channel apart from ERP notice board. MFTP may give one an easy access to the mails, but it is not updated instantly, so one should religiously follow the ERP noticeboard.

  • Question: What is the placement committee's message to the students?

    Answer: Some people think that PlaceComs promote favouritism, but this is not the case.Students should have faith in us and we assure you that we shall try our best to get you placed where you want.
    We try for shortlisting of the maximum number of students rather than the selection of particular students because ultimately everyone watches out for the statistics that is the total number of students getting placed.

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