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Remember the times when you loved going to your grandparents’ village in your childhood? The place to where some of your funniest and fond memories belong to. Feeling Nostalgic? Don’t worry. Panch Parmeshwar is all set to drive your nostalgia away bringing to you some of those funny and interesting situations which you encountered in your village.

Panch Parmeshwar is a fun event in which two teams are provided with a slightly complex & funny case [Depicting a situation of a village] to fight on verbally in front of the panchayat of the village. The team presenting more funny and relevant arguments is decided to be the winner.


  1. This is a team event with minimum team size 4 and maximum team size 7.
  2. In any case, the decision of the Panch is final and binding.
  3. Use of offensive/foul language is strictly prohibited. Team will be immediately disqualified upon use of offensive language.
  4. This event is primarily supposed to be in Hindi with a mixture of different regional languages and English to make it interesting.
  5. You can pre-register here. On - spot registration is also allowed.
  6. Download our app from play store and login. 20 lucky winners will get Goodies.

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