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NSO H&F and its Relevance

Posted on April 18, 2017
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Alarm at 5, rushing to find the cycle keys and reaching the stadium panting but oops... you will not be given any attendance because you are late”, going to room crying upon the efforts to make a night-out solely for the attendance and finally failing for the 7th time. Students enrolled in NSO H&F must be aware of these incidents. Is it really worth? If yes, then why are the students criticizing? If not, shouldn’t they come up for their betterment, but that’s the fact that your initiative will not add to your grades so, leave it. This is more or less the dilemma students are facing in NSO H&F.

Looking around carefully, you will notice that H&F unit of NSO is not there at many other institutions where NSO does operate. It gives the very first indication that it would have been started at IIT Kharagpur with a cause which might not be the part of the custom. As all of the participants ‘know’ that it aims the overall physical fitness, healthy habits to get up early in the morning and team-building through diverse field activities and several Special Activities. But a question arises whether it is fruitful or not.

Students when asked, often complain about the structure and functioning of the programme. There are discussions among them that those physical exercises are rather meant for school children and are irrelevant for them. However, an appreciable effort was there to introduce Aerobics in regular activities, receiving a positive feedback. However, excusing students continued to have the same reiteration. And it is not concealed at all that          students go for night-outs to be on time for the morning sessions to get the attendance, disregarding the motto for which they are a part of NSO. It just adds to the mental and physical exhaustion and, in turn, deteriorates the fitness-level. Till the mid-semester, it turns out to be a burden to be carried out for the rest of the semester. Hence, its significance is lost in the halfway itself.

Coordinator’s Words

Professor Shivakiran Bhaktha Coordinator-NSO H&F, on those complaints, replied that the professors and PTI’s involved are exerting with as much efforts as they can put but the students’ indolence puts off the program officer's interest to repeat the same instructions to their respective units. He further adds that the motive of this program is not to impose physical training on students but once one finds himself in a disciplined system, it leaves a beneficial impact even if it appears harsh at the beginning. Apart from this, it is not viable to have the faculty members at any other part of the day due to their individual engagements throughout the day. Therefore, it is not possible to alter the present schedule of the programme.

Reluctance From Student-Community

How can an initiative be expected to meet the goals until the students for whom it has been directed, are not willing to participate? If the students just give a thought to their own conduct during the programme, they may realise NSO H&F, not being able to bring the optimum results due to the lack of participation. Disobeying the instructors and waiting for the clock to touch 7 has become a common practice, especially for the students who ‘smartly’ put themselves at the back of the rows. Even, the students who devote a part of the day to exercises or practice for their respective sports, are found to be ignorant towards the instructors during the field activities, probably because it doesn’t affect their academic status much. Does it really suggest that those KGPians are made for competitions, championships and recognition only? Do they really have any self-motivation for anything they perform? This makes it pretty clear that transformation of mind is seriously needed as it’s not the single case when students pay no heed to the efforts of administration.

Loopholes and Students

There are certain aspects for which administration is expected to make some improvements. The present scenario of NSO H&F doesn’t seem to be providing the appropriate environment to the students to develop unity among their respective units as is there in NSS where students work in groups with other students. There would definitely be plenty of first year students who don’t know their unit-members even after their first semester in NSO H&F, cooperation is much farther.  Prime reason for that is the poor conduction of the Special Activities. One of them is the Awareness Rally. Students’ participation ratio is not sufficient there and without that, it proves to be free attendance session only. Moreover, students who participate enthusiastically in rallies with posters and banners do not find it worth to deliver their message in the hours when rest of the community is not outdoors to listen. This doesn’t let people to connect them with their efforts which are solely social awareness. The initiatives involving large number of students will serve the purpose in desired manner for the students and the society as well. The Cleanliness Campaign, conducted in 2014 by NSO H&F itself, was one such event which put the groups from units led by a leader to work in unity.

Poll Analysis and Conclusion

Effectiveness of NSO: Health and Fitness
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Considering the issue from student’s perspective, as we conducted a poll on the issue stating the importance of NSO: Health and fitness and its effectiveness, we got the following statistics from the student community:

· 11.9% students feel that morning sessions help students in developing the habit of getting early and exercising to keep the body fit. So, NSO is beneficial.

· 3.57% feel that the training level of the instructors is not up to the mark.

· 57.14% feel that evening sessions should be conducted as it disturbs the students’ morning sleep.

· 22.62% feel that the Kgp culture is such that one can’t maintain regularity and so many things keep going that one can’t sleep on time and thus has to suffer on the basis of attendance. Also, spending 2 hours a week doesn’t yield so much advantage.

· 4.76% feel that due to improper conduction of the sessions, only physical fitness can be improved but not other things such as team spirit, discipline, etc. which NSO: Health and fitness aim to foster in students.

It is certain that more than half of the students feel that evening sessions should be conducted replacing the early morning sessions so that their sleep is not disturbed. A considerable portion of the community believes that it is feasible to sleep on time so as to attend the morning sessions on time. A small portion of the students feels that the sessions and the activities are not well organised and the instructors fail to command and guide the students properly due to which the students lose the motivation to obey the instructors and follow the guidelines properly which ultimately results in the sessions going in vain.

However, there is still a small but significant number of students who have faith in the structure of the NSO Health and Fitness and are convinced that the morning sessions helps in developing the good habit of waking up early and also helps in enhancing the fitness of the students which is essential considering the lifestyle of the students.

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