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Student Welfare Group

Student Welfare Group helps students in improving their skills, attitude and resources necessary to both succeed in the college environment as well as to pursue productive and satisfying lives by organizing different activities on the campus. Our activities range from resolving the problems faced by students in subjects such as PDS to instilling belief in them about achieving their goals in life. Our Group strives to contribute to the overall educational mission of the Institute by facilitating the academic, emotional, social and vocational development of the entire campus community. Respect for diversity and a commitment to students’ personal growth are guiding principles in the work we do.

Student Welfare Group has one single motto to make a student's time at IITKGP a happy and fruitful one. SWG assists students in resolving their difficulties in every field, be it academic or extra-academic & curricular or co-curricular. For personal and psychical assistance a student always has the service of Counselling Centre, IIT Kharagpur.

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