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Quiz Club

The IIT Kharagpur Quiz Club, since its inception, has established an image of excellence for IIT Kharagpur in the Indian Quizzing Circuit. In fact, over the years the successes of its members have been lauded by seasoned quizmasters and quizzers across the nation, like the spectacular performance of the KGP contingent at Nihilanth 2013 at IIM Ahmedabad, where IIT Kharagpur stood 4th overall, out of 16 IITs and 13 IIMs, and had teams that even came 1st in some quizzes. Other occasions when the quiz club members brought glory to IIT kharagpur were the epoch-making victories secured at The Indo-Sweden Nobel Memorial Quiz and an entry to the national finals of NDTV Chroma Tech Grandmasters. Behind each of these glorious moments lies the effort put in by the Kharagpur Quiz Club in establishing the 'culture' at IIT Kharagpur, through brainstorming sessions, mock quizzes and so on. The Quiz Club usually meets at 10 PM on Thursdays, in the Institute Foyer( or any empty room available around!), and is remarkably egalitarian in its approach towards participation, with no restrictions on membership whatsoever, i.e., every KGPian is deemed to be a member by default!

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