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First of all download DC ++ setup .

Now follow the instructions provided in the link below

Click here

Now, get information about the hub address from the facebook page - HIT HI FIT HAI IIT Kgp DC.The Screenshot is provided below for the reference. The address may change after some time so remain in touch with this page.

Click here to visit the page.

You can take help from youtube as well.

Software Repository

In Windows OS, enter \\ in run

Licenced Software Repositories@CIC, IIT Kharagpur (For e.g., MATLAB, MS Visual Studio, OS (Windows, Ubuntu) etc)

(For licence keys email Alokes Chattopadhyay . If you don't get a reply enquire him by calling at +91-3222-282376 or meet personally )

Institute Email-id

You will get an official email id under domain

You will get an email from erp in some days with your username and password and most probably your password will be same as your date of birth.

If you want to get immediately then send a mail to Alokes Chattopadhyay

To login go to

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