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1   Students selected on the basis of All India Joint Entrance Examination for the Dual Degree program or registered in the Dual Degree program in the 2nd year, as a result of change of branch would be considered eligible for the assistantship in the 5th Year (9th and 10th semester) of the Dual Degree program

2   The student must get CGPA of 8.0 at the end of 8th semester for availing the assistantship.

3   The students must have cleared all the subjects with minimum “P” Grade till the preceding semester (8th semester) and should not have any backlog(s). The assistantship for students with backlog subjects will be withheld and may be subsequently released only after clearance of backlog subject(s) with a minimum CGPA of 8.00 on approval of UGPEC.

4  The admissible amount of assistantship as decided by the MHRD / Institute Authorities will be paid for a maximum period of 12 months, w.e.f., the date of registration in the 9th Semester, as per Academic Calendar.

5  The fees to be paid by the Dual Degree students will be the same as Rules and Regulations Updated - May 2016 Page 53 applicable to the regular 2-Year M.Tech. Students irrespective of their receiving any assistantship/scholarship. The tuition fee and fee-waiver will be governed as per terms and conditions enforced by the MHRD from time to time.

6  The Dual Degree students receiving assistantship will not be entitled for any vacation during semesters, summer or winter. A pro-rata deduction of scholarship will be made for leave availed beyond the admissible entitlement, applicable under Postgraduate Regulations.

7  The general rules and regulations applicable for 2-Year M.Tech. Postgraduate students will also be applicable to students pursuing Dual Degree Program.

8  Dual Degree students in the 5th Year (9th and 10th semester) will not be eligible for any other Undergraduate Scholarship(s)/Assistantship, including MCM Scholarship and Financial Assistance.

9  The students will be entitled to avail only one Scholarship/Assistantship, at a time from the Institute or from any other sources.

10  Students in their own interest be encouraged to appear and qualify in the GATE examination conducted by the MHRD, to be considered for the assistantship, in view of the guidelines issued from time-to-time.

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