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Every engineering aspirant has a dream of clearing JEE and getting admission into IITs. However, many students are not able to get their desired branch and hence, wish to get a department change at the end of their first year. The main criteria for department change is to score a CGPA greater than 8.5. Moreover, since the number of students entering a certain department is limited and the competition is tough, a student must score a high enough CGPA to get his department changed.

The Department Change list for the second year students was released quite a time before. A total of 126 students secured a department change this year. The cut-off CGPAs soared high this year as did the number of students getting their desired branches. The cut-off CGPA for CSE still remains the highest with a whopping increase to 9.87. However, Mechanical Dual exhibited maximum gain in the cut-off with increase of 0.51 compared to last year. Awaaz, IIT Kharagpur brings to you the Department Change statistics for the year 2017 -18.

The department cut-offs for 2017–2018 are as follows:

Compared to last year, the cut-offs for most of the departments have increased.

Every department can accommodate a limited extra number of students. So you must ensure that you clear the cut-off for the department of your choice. The number of people entering the department are as follows:

Over last two years, the number of students securing a department change is increasing by around 10%. The complete comparison for last 5 years is shown below:

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