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Clearing JEE and studying at IITs is the most coveted dream of every ’aspiring to be engineer’ student. After getting enrolled into one of the most prestigious IITs i.e., IIT kharagpur, you have already fulfilled one of your dreams. Some of you might not be that much happy because you didn’t get admitted to the branch of your choice. But there is no need to worry because you can change your department after the end of your first year. All you need to do is to score a CGPA of 8.5 and more.

Every department can accommodate a limited extra number of students. So you must ensure that you clear the cut-off for the department of your choice. Considering the dire need of this, Awaaz IIT Kharagpur has bought you an analysis of department change this year. This year, a total of 103 students got their departments changed as compared to only 66 students in 2015. The sudden increase is due to no longer restriction that the number of outgoing students can’t exceed 10% of total strength. Due to removal of that rule, 13 students from the departments of MT and NA each succeeded in getting DepC as compared to 5 and 4 students in 2015. As always, the competition for entering into the departments of CS and EC is getting quite tough. The Cut-Off’s are nearly equal to last year for both of these departments.

The Cut-Off’s for the department of EE has increased from 8,98 in 2015 to 9.18 in 2016 while the cut-off for CH Dual has decreased from 9.02 to 8.69. Students of almost every branch has got a DepC and the number of branches they chose increased this year. Students have also given priority to Departments like IM ,HS and PH which were not so preferred last year. This again is one of the consequences of the removal of 10% rule for outgoing disciple. Students with a slightly lesser CG has given preferences to these departments. Most students have been enrolled in mechanical department. After that, maximum students are enrolled in EC, CH and EE departments respectively. As per the statistics, it can be concluded that the cut-off for most of the departments are probably expected to increase in coming years. So, pull your socks up and work hard if you want to change your department.

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