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Human Rights : 'Right to Information'

Posted on Nov 12, 2016
Reports Human Rights

Human Rights, in simple words, are the rights that belong to every human irrespective of his/her diversity.

In this section we are going to introduce to you the various rights that we often hear about but don’t know about it in depth.

We will start this section with our Right To Information, popularly known as the RTI.

Right To Information

What is this?

RTI is an act under which any Indian citizen may request information from a “public authority”(institution or individual) and that public authority is required to reply with the desired information within 30 days.

History: When and How?

RTI is an act of parliament and that was passed on 15th June 2005 but came into force fully on 12th october 2005, replacing the Freedom of information Act of 2002. RTI saw it’s first client when it was filed for the first time at the Pune police station. RTI act covers the whole India except J&K, where J&K Right To Information act is prevalent.

Can I get all the informations ?

Actually no, not all. There are a few informations that are excluded from getting revealed even through RTI. Some of them are listed below:

  • Any information which would affect the sovereignty, integrity and the security of India will not be disclosed.

  • Any information received in confidence from foreign government.

  • Any information, disclosure of which may endanger the life or physical safety of any person.

  • Informations which relates to personal information and whose disclosure has no relationship to any public activity or interest.
  • How can I file an RTI ?

    Since Kgp Junta is overly dependent on online resources. Hence here’s is how you can file an RTI online.

  • Go to and click on “Submit Request”.

  • Tick on ‘I have read and understood the above guidelines ‘ then click on Submit.

  • Now a form will appear, begin to fill it. Pick up the correct ministry and department and fill in your contact details. Fill the other options as per your requirements.

  • Now frame your request within 3000 words.

  • Enter the security code and click on Submit.

  • Next you need to pay Rs.10 for each submission. You can do it through net banking or credit/debit card.

  • Once the payment is done, an acknowledgement will appear showing your unique registration number.

  • Some famous RTI’s filed ?

    Admission to IIM’s:

    A girl named Vaishnavi Kasturi was a visually impaired student, in 2007 she was denied a seat in the Indian Institute of Management in Bangalore despite her impressive score at the entrance examination. She wanted to know why, and wondered whether it was because of her physical disability. She filed an RTI application to request the institute to disclose their selection process. Although she failed to gain admission to the institute,but all of this didn’t go in vain as her RTI application meant that IIM had to make its admission criteria public. It came out that the entrance exam, the CAT, actually mattered little compared to Class 10 and 12 results.

    The 2G scam:

    The 2G scam involved the Telecom Ministry, led by Andimuthu Raja.This scam ended up costing the government Rs1,76,645 crore. An RTI was filed by Subhash Chandra Agrawal, and it showed how pathetic was the condition of the congress government. It was a sensational scam which led to heavy criticism of India even in the foreign media.


    So we hope through this article now you know the RTI in a better way. Over the past 10 years, the Right-to-Information Act has been emerged as a powerful tool for India’s civil society to promote transparency and hold those in power accountable. So are you worried about where the money that you pay to the IITs go? Just file an RTI and get the desired information about each penny your parents have spent here.But be careful, as in doing so you may make many official foes.

    Special thanks : Mr. Gaurav Shukla, Assistant Professor, RGSOIPL.

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