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Technology Gymkhana Elections 2018-19

Candidate for General Secretary Technology, Gymkhana

Yash Agrawal

DEPARTMENT: Civil Engineering
HALL: Azad Hall of Residence

Proposal - 1      

I propose to increase the involvement of Postgraduates/Research Scholars students in the various activities conducted by Technology Students’ Gymkhana as well as various research groups that come under Sponsored Research & Industrial Consultancy Department, IIT Kharagpur.


Role of Postgraduate/Research Scholar Representative:


- Benefits from Involvement of Postgraduate/Research Scholar students in research:

- Benefits by introducing post of PG/RS Representatives for societies:

When: ​The selection for the Postgraduate/Research Scholar Representatives will be done in the month of August; though the notice regarding the selections should be released at least two weeks prior to the date of selections. The selections for the research groups will be scheduled after speaking to the respective professors in-charge.

Proposal - 2      

I propose ​to protect the novel intellectual property in the product design and hardware modelling competitions of the Technology General Championship by the promotion of Provisional patents and Patents among the student community.


When: ​The participating teams will be told about the proposal, and the procedure can be initiated as soon as the participating gives the approval regarding the same.

By Whom: ​The matter will be handled by the General Secretary Technology, Technology Students’ Gymkhana. All the required documents will be collected by the General Secretary Technology and will be forwarded to the Technology Transfer Group for the same. The General Secretary Technology along with the Technology Transfer Group will be signing a non-disclosure agreement before the collection of necessary documents. Also the General Secretary shall be the link between the Institute administration and the participating team and will ensure the smoothness of the process.


Proposal - 3      

Proposal to provide medals along with the certificates to the team members of various events of Technology General Championship.
Vision: ​To encourage the students participants towards the technology general championship by felicitating them with a medal along with the certificates.
Nomination Criteria: ​The team members of the podium holder hall of residence shall be the receiver of the medals.
When: ​The specified number of medals in accordance to event shall be handed over to the podium holder Hall of Residence.
By Whom: ​The specified number of medals in accordance to the event shall be handed over by the administration of the Gymkhana to the podium finishers.
Benefits: ​The vision of the proposal is to provide recognition to the podium holder’s team members in the form of medallions along the certificates already provided to them. This will enhance the perception of the students towards the Technology General Championship.
Total number of medals required per standing: 20*7 + 4*3 = 152
Total Gold Medals Required: 152
Total Silver Medals Required: 152
Total Bronze Medals Required: 152
Cost of each medal: INR 33
Overall cost: INR 33*152*3 = INR 15,048
**Reference - Mr. Soumen Mondal (Sports Officer Incharge, Technology Students’ Gymkhana)

Disclaimer: The format and content of all the Proposals are given by the candidates only. No editing has been done by Awaaz.

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