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Technology Gymkhana Elections 2018-19

Candidate for General Secretary Social and Cultural, Gymkhana

Subham Bhutoria

DEPARTMENT: Aerospace Engineering
HALL: Azad Hall of Residence

PROPOSAL – 1      

My first proposal aims at introducing a socio-cultural weekend, with the objective of spreading and preserving the various art forms of India from the different states , to as wide a target audience as possible along with development of overall social sense of responsibility among the student community. Hence, the community of IIT Kharagpur will be provided with opportunities to experience the social and cultural diversity of India in its truest form.


IIT Kharagpur is renowned as an Institution of excellence due its academic merit and holistic development of individual personalities. Societies and groups have successfully represented IIT Kharagpur at various national competitions. However, it has been recognized that the breadth and quality of the diverse culture of India have not reached a broad audience in the campus.

To bridge this gap, I propose to organise a socio-cultural weekend, open to all students of IIT Kharagpur, where each student is exposed to a high-quality, well-defined series of performances, exhibitions and guest lectures co-organized by NGOs, cultural organisations, and various state tourism departments. The cultural performances and guest lectures serve the dual purpose of initiating the participants into different cultural activities, and spreading awareness on the social front.


The different activities will be divided into four genres, with a series of cultural performances, exhibitions and guest lectures from different genres. The genres, determined by corresponding cups of the General Championship, are:

  1. Literary genre
  2. Dramatics (including Dance) genre
  3. Music (Entertainment) Genre
  4. Fine Arts and Photography genre

This unique weekend will involve conduction of at least two cultural performances, four guest lectures, and two exhibitions. In totality, these will cover the four genres in question. The socio-cultural weekend will be held keeping in mind the official schedule of holidays of the Institute while simultaneously maintaining flexibility for the students with respect to their academic requirements as well as their commitments to the ongoing General Championship events. The four possible periods of time for this purpose, in the Autumn semester of the academic session 2017 – 2018, are as follows:

  1. August 26 - August 27
  2. September 2 - September 3
  3. October 7 - October 8
  4. October 21 - October 22

The official schedule shall be intimated to the student community prior to the initiation of the socio-cultural weekend.


The socio-cultural weekend entails a series of benefits for the student community of IIT Kharagpur. The expanded outreach of cultural activities increases awareness regarding their extent, quality and impact, and hence develops the socio-cultural acumen of students on campus.

Through the performances, exhibitions and guest lectures, they are given the opportunity to continuously engage with each other and with well-experienced individuals for optimum results of self-improvement and awareness. This is also tremendously beneficial in further diversifying the skills that students gain, which are becoming increasingly important and relevant today.

As a long-term proposal, the evolving legacy of the socio-cultural weekend is far-reaching. Once the starting point is passed, the ethos of the weekend can go ahead and become an integral fibre of campus life and excellence, furthering the strength and capability of the student community as a whole.

PROPOSAL – 2      

My second proposal aims at systemizing the preparations for Inter IIT Cultural Meet through introduction of events in the Open IIT Calendar as well as streamlining of the selection process.


The Inter IIT Cultural meet included various events like creative writing, doodling, duet dance and stand-up, which are not a part of the General Championship or the Open IIT calendar. I feel there is an urgent need for the conduction of these events as a part of Open IIT to bring forward quality participation and to nurture the latent talents of students at IIT Kharagpur. Also, as the Inter IIT Cultural Meet 2016 was the first of its kind, the streamlining of selection process for upcoming editions is a must for quality participation to represent IIT Kharagpur at the Inter IIT level.


The various events, which were a part of Inter IIT Cultural meet 2016, but are not included in the General Championship or Open IIT calendar, are namely:

  1. Creative Writing
  2. Doodling
  3. Duet Dance
  4. Stand-up

The above events will be conducted as a part of the Open IIT calendar, the precise location and time of which shall depend on the subsequent discussions in the subcommittee meetings.

In addition to introduction of the above events, the selection procedure for the Inter IIT Cultural Meet shall also be streamlined. While the need for the same is evident for the betterment of the student community in general, the exact procedure can only be finalized in consultation with the governors of all the societies concerned and also the representatives of halls of residence. I believe that this would lead to a better scouting of talent and would further enhance the quality of participation representing IIT Kharagpur.

PROPOSAL – 3      

My third proposal aims at introducing a Literary Fest in Spring Fest 2018 by expanding the horizons of the existing literary events and by adding new events to the genre, along with workshops and guest lectures.


The Literary genre of Spring Fest currently has eight events, which witness participation from colleges all across India. However, the feedback from literary enthusiasts coming over to the fest suggests that there is still scope for expansion in this genre. Moreover, there are a number of events and performances at Spring Fest, which need to be brought under a single umbrella, to not only ensure their continuity across editions but to also enhance their visibility to the crowd in general.


The Literary Fest will have the following major components :

  1. Book Fair
  2. Kavi Sammelan
  3. Interactive sessions with eminent authors (book releases, etc)
  4. Open Mic Sessions
  5. Guest Lectures
  6. Events from the Literary Genre

The events which will be added to the Literary genre include:

  1. Song lyrics writing
  2. Graphic Novel writing

The exact itinerary of the Literary Fest can only be finalized in consultation with the Core Organizing Team of Spring Fest 2018. This proposal would have a far -reaching effect in terms of ensuring continuity of these components in successive editions, being offered a common platform with other regular events.

The Literary Fest will add a new dimension to the standard Spring Fest format and would give participants an entirely unique experience, each one taking home an once-in-a-lifetime memory. It will not only expand the horizon of the participants attending the Spring Fest, but also set new standards for socio-cultural fests across the country.

Disclaimer: The format and content of all the Proposals are given by the candidates only. No editing has been done by Awaaz.

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