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Technology Gymkhana Elections 2018-19

Candidate for General Secretary Social and Cultural, Gymkhana

Sree Harsha

HALL: Patel Hall of Residence


I propose to introduce the post of Media and Design Secretary under the Social and Cultural Committee of Secretary Technology Students' Gymkhana.


In the academic session 2016-17 there were as many as 34 open IIT and inter hall events under social and cultural genre, there is a severe need to properly disseminate information about all the events amongst the general body effectively, there is no such current post under the general secretary dedicated to this purpose, the introduction of such a post shall ensure that there is specific accountable office bearer looking dedicatedly into generating active interest among the student body regarding the various happenings of the social and cultural genre whenever an event takes place and at regular intervals of time.

The design and media secretary shall be a nominated office bearer in the social and cultural committee who would be working solely under the general secretary social and cultural.


To circulate the news regarding social and cultural events conducted in and around campus through social media and keeping the Cultural, IIT Kharagpur Facebook page active with latest updates, to avoid lack of the documentation of the events and maintain a proper videographic record of all events and publicize them properly. Documentation of Social and Cultural General Championship events would be a major duty of the Design and Media Secretary.


Responsibilities of Media and Design Secretary would be:

  1. The secretary shall be in charge of proper information dissemination of all the events of the social and cultural genre including design of posters, maintaining of results, dissemination of information regarding non-competitive events, etc.
  2. The secretary shall also maintain all updates regarding the committee in the technology students’ gymkhana website.
  3. They will be releasing monthly e-newsletter​ regarding social and cultural committee
  4. They will be handling Youtube channel of Technology Students' Gymkhana in which we can live telecast the events of General Championship, interviews of past winners, of office-bearers regarding any changes to the structure of events, etc.
  5. He/she shall be handling all the social media accounts of the social and cultural committee including the Cultural, IIT Kharagpur Facebook page
  6. He/she will be working in collaboration with Photography Secretaries and Web Secretary for effective discharge of his/her duties.
  7. Scope​:

    The post can be used to reframe with the post of Journal Secretary, giving the added responsibilities of publishing Alankaar, and conducting Class Lingua. A thorough redrafting of the post can be thus done from academic year 2018-19, after its initial introduction in 2017-18.

    The current Journal Secretary wants to take new responsibilities and in favour of the proposal. Multiple office-bearers, both past and present, have given their approval in favour of such a proposal, details of which can be seen in the Annexure - I.


    1. Better publicity of events of Social and Cultural General Championship, information dissemination to the general body well in advance.
    2. Live telecast of Social and Cultural General Championship events.
    3. Proper documentation of the events in Youtube will increase and will also be available to alumni.
    4. E-newsletter will be very helpful for the students, and can stay updated with the news regarding social and cultural activities in the campus.
    5. All of these shall holistically lead to more active interest among the students regarding all Social and Cultural Events. With the advent of Inter IIT, this is especially needed at the time, and the inclusion of such a post can be effective in bringing about the change required.

    Annexure I

    I have contacted the President, Technology Students’ Gymkhana regarding the same. His reply has been received through email regarding the same. The mail can be found attached.

    Ex Vice president of TSG Mr. Atal Ashutosh Agarwal has also been consulted regarding the proposal, he welcomed the idea and especially contributed to the suggestion of making the post a nominated one.

    Current General Secretaries Social and Cultural Ms. Aiswarya Palavajjhala also positively reacted to the idea and encouraged its implementation in the next academic year. Ex General secretaries Social and Cultural Mr. Ayudh Datta and Mr. Gourav Panda have especially contributed to the proposal with their inputs, stressing on the necessity of information dissemination of General Championship events, the dates and slots of which are discussed in the SubCommittee meetings and lacks proper exposure among the general students. The current Journal Secretary, Kavya Swaminathan has also welcomed the idea of redrafting of the responsibilities of the Journal Secretary.

    PROPOSAL 2      


    Training in various dance classes would be conducted by professionals for students at IIT Kharagpur.

    Students will have to pay a basic fee for the training.

    Scope for students at IIT Kharagpur to get professional dance training


    On consulting Full Stop Crew,Dance Academy of Kolkata are willing to associate with IIT Kharagpur.

    Regular Sessions:

    Full Stop Crew shall conduct regular open sessions at stipulated times. The structure followed shall be similar to the one followed by Technology Dance Club. Members shall meet to perform pieces as well as to discuss with other members to improve the art of dance.

    Annexure I

    On consulting Full Stop Crew,Dance Academy of Kolkata they are willing to conduct their dance classes on regular basis for 15 - 21 sessions and they will be charging INR 45000/- for this session and we are supposed to provide accommodation and food services and the number of students that can have benefit of sessions are not limited.

    We have also contacted Mr.Rajat Gupta,Governor of Technology Dance Society regarding the same and he said that we can work on this proposal and it’s 0* feasible with few further amendments which would be discussed with Technology Dance Society in detail in Future.

    PROPOSAL 3      

    I propose to introduce three events in Open IIT namely-Stand Up comedy,Graphic Design,Poetry Slam.

    The three events shall be introduced in the Open IIT. The Open IIT and General Championship lack such events and thus introduction of such events will serve as a great motivation for students interested in these activities. Standup Comedy will cater to the Hilarity enthusiasts of IIT Kharagpur. A Poetry Slam is a competition at which performance artists read or recite original work. Graphic Design is the art or skill of combining text and pictures in advertisements, magazines, or books which will gratify fanatic’s of IIT kharagpur.

    These are much needed keeping in mind the advent of Inter IIT Cultural Meet.Open IIT can even act as selection criteria for Inter IIT Cultural Meet.


    Rules for Poetry Slam:

    ● Poems can be on any subject and in any style but must be original.
    ● Use of props, special costumes, musical instruments or pre-recorded music is not allowed.
    ● There is no upper limit of participants from a particular hall. The judging shall however be done individually.
    ● Poems once performed may not be repeated in further rounds, except in case of tie-breaking rounds, violation of which disqualifies the poet. Therefore each poet should plan on bringing at least 3 original poems to compete, with an extra poem as buffer for a tie.
    ● Time limit is three minutes. After three minutes, there is a 10-second grace period after which a penalty of 0.5 is automatically deducted, without warning, from each poet's overall score for every subsequent 10 seconds.
    ● Teams may not repeat primary authorship in a bout. Every poet who performs during a bout must be a primary author.
    ● The judges’ will give each poem a score from 0 to 10.
    ● The sum of all the scores by all the judges in the panel for a particular round and the grand total of each bout will be considered for their qualification to next bout.
    ● The best 3 poets shall be adjudged the winners of Poetry Slam.
    ● Judges’ decision is final and binding.
    ● The organizing team reserves the right to change or modify the rules.

    Rules for Graphic Design:

    ● Problem Statement:
    ● Team Size : Maximum of 3 members per team
    ● Participants need to send their work in the .psd, .ai that they have used along with the .jpeg file of the same, with at least three stages of work.
    ● Any sign of plagiarism may lead to disqualification. ● Judging Criteria
    Creativity/Concept 30
    Aesthetics(Layout, Fonts, Colours etc.) 35
    Finishing (Crispness, Consistency etc.) 20
    Utility (Use of design for various purposes, sizes etc.) 15

    Rules for Stand Up Comedy:

    ● This is a solo event
    ● Performances are allowed only in English language.
    ● Time limit will be 5 minutes
    ● Additional time of 30 seconds can be provided after which the participant stands to get debarred.
    ● Participants should bring their own props. The organizing team holds the discretion of allowing it on stage.
    ● The performance should be in cohesion with the integrity of the fest. The use of obscene language and abusive words should be avoided.
    ● The decision of the judges and the organizing team will be final and binding.

    Annexure I

    We have contacted Mr.Devashish Mulye and Yusuf Qutbuddin Qaizar, who represented IIT Kharagpur in the Stand Up Comedy event conducted in Inter IIT Cultural Meet 2016 and they expressed their willingness to take part in their home IIT. We have contacted Comedified - One of the Kolkata’s funniest comedy group and they perform Stand Up Comedy and they accepted to judge the event.We have contacted Mr.Ayudh Datta, Mr.Anish Raj, Mr.Surendra Puri and Mr. Lalit Khemlani who represented IIT Kharagpur in the English Poetry Slam and Hindi Poetry Slam events conducted in Inter IIT Cultural Meet 2016 and they expressed their willingness to take part in their home IIT.

    Judges of Stand up comedy can be brought from the Comedified group in Kolkata and Mr. Vaibhav and Mr. Anirban have responded positively for the same.

    Annexure II


    Stand Up Comedy

    ● Mics required(3-4) - Rs. 1200
    ● Refreshments - Rs.200 - Rs.300
    ● Travelling charges for Judge - Rs. 600
    Poetry Slam ● Mics required(3-4) - Rs. 1200
    ● Travelling charges for Judge - Rs. 600
    ● Refreshments - Rs.200 - Rs.300


    These are much needed keeping in mind the advent of Inter IIT Cultural Meet.Open IIT can even act as selection criteria for Inter IIT Cultural Meet if needed.

    PROPOSAL 4      

    I propose to take Social Events of Spring Fest to National Level during Nationwide Prelims (Hitch-Hike)

    This year Nation Wide Prelims are took place on the name of Hitch Hike in which flagship events of Spring Fest were conducted namely Wildfire,Shuffle,Shake a Leg,Nukkad and SF Idol. Social Events shall be conducted in being contact with various NGOs and will coordinate with them in organizing events with a social theme such as blood donation, Swacch Bharat, etcetera activities. This platform will also provide the NGOs an opportunity to showcase the efforts made by them in various fields.

    Spring Fest with the help of various NGOs, arrange for volunteers who will work along with the NGOs. This Cell shall contact NGOs in the areas where Nation Wide Prelims will be conducted and in subsequent years may also increase its domain to NGOs.

    Benefits of Social Events of Spring Fest to National level:

    ● In showing the social aspect outlook of Spring Fest and IIT Kharagpur.
    ● The students will get the much required exposure to the problems faced by the majority and also will get an insight on how to deal with these problems.
    ● Spring Fest shall inculcate the much required social aspect in the Social and Cultural genre.

    Implementation procedure

    ● Core Organizing Team shall then contact various NGOs in the vicinity of region where NWP is going to take place and with their association, conduct various activities or events displaying the efforts put in by these organization.
    ● Spring Fest could also contact sponsors for the organization of the event. Finally, if the event is in association with an NGO, the NGO shall bear the expenses of the event.
    ● NGOs Associations of Spring Fest in Previous Years
    ● Youth for Seva - New Delhi
    ● Jan Vikas Parishad Samsthan - Chhattisgarh
    ● Toy Bank - Mumbai
    ● Mahila Shakti Pratistan - Pune
    ● Prerna School - Kanpur

    Thus we see collaboration of NGOs with spring fest in the past through National Wide Prelims which held in various cities, It would be great opportunity if we associate with them and conduct social events at the place where we will be conducting National Wide Prelims.

    Disclaimer: The format and content of all the Proposals are given by the candidates only. No editing has been done by Awaaz.

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