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Technology Gymkhana Elections 2018-19

Candidate for General Sports and Games, Gymkhana

Patel Parush Rahul

DEPARTMENT: Agricultural and Food Engineering
HALL: MS Hall of Residence


I propose to revolutionize the field of sports by introducing new awards for all the players who perform really well, giving maximum efforts in sports and bring laurels to the institute from various competitions including the Inter IIT sports meet.

There are a lot of players who practice regularly, put their best efforts and bring laurels to the institute from various competitions including the inter IIT sports meet and they need to be appreciated and encouraged with some recognition. Creating a sporting and competitive environment would definitely motivate them to practice more diligently and improve the regularity as well as performance of the players during the inter IIT practice sessions. Thus, improving the performance of IIT Kharagpur in the Inter IIT sports meet.

Current Scenario:

Currently, the Gymkhana provides the following individual awards in the field of Sports and Games:
a) Bhandarkar Cup
b) Alumni Cup
c) Institute Blue
d) Honorable mention
e) Special mention
f) Ankik Dhar Trophy

These are awarded annually at the end of the academic year to the students who have brought laurels to the institute from various competitions considering best players regardless of the sport. What I have planned to do:
1) I plan to introduce two new categories of awards and they are
1. Best Freshers’ award, for both men and women
2. Top 20 sports persons, that is, the best player in each of the 20 sports.
2) Best player of the month which will be declared monthly during the 4 months leading up to inter IIT sports meet
3) Using the best player of the month leaderboard the top 20 sports persons would be recognized.
4) Also, I propose to Modify the criteria for awarding the alumni cup.

Modification in the criteria for alumni cup:

Factors to be considered for the alumni cup:
 Inter IIT performance
 Outstation tour performance
 Player of the month points
 Inter Hall performance
 Captaincy/ Leadership
 March past attendance

Weightage for the above factors:

Inter IIT = 50%

Outstation tour = 5%

Player of the month = 20%

Inter hall = 15%

Leadership = 5%

March past attendance = 5%

Note: The marks for inter IIT and Outstation tour performance will be given by executive council on the basis of subjective marking considering (Medals / Inter IIT records / Goals / Runs/ Wickets/ or any other awards). Attendance of March Past is also included because of its importance in the process of team building and it symbolizes the team spirit.

Criteria for player of the month:

I intend to establish a grading system for the player of the month whose break up will be:

Attendance = 30%

Monthly performance= 70%

Maximum point will be 10.

Attendance will be judged on the basis of regularity of a player in the practice sessions held during the month.

Performance will be based on the improvement shown by a player as adjudged by the physical training instructor of that sports.

Note: If in inter IIT, we have two or more players having similar performance levels, then we will consider the monthly performance to resolve the tie and get a winner for the Alumni cup.


1) Participation will increase in all sports, as players from every sport will have an added incentive of getting an award, thus recognition.

2) Having 30% weightage to attendance in the player of the month award will induce more regularity in the practice sessions.

3) Will provide an additional zeal to the players to improve themselves constantly. This award will serve as a reminder and motivate them to regularly improve their game individually, as well as collectively.

4) The enhanced regularity among players will indirectly improve the team bonding among the players.

5) This would also increase the attendance in the March past thus improving the Performance at the inter IIT sports meet which is of equal importance as any other sports event.

Budget Required:

A) The additional amount required for the trophy and medals as per my proposal would be funded by the gymkhana.

This budget is divided as follow:

Awards 22 Trophies INR 500 per Trophy

INR 11000 total

Total = INR 11000


The proposal will provide recognition to the exceptional players and hence will be instrumental in “up-liftment of sporting culture” as mentioned in my Statement of Purpose.


I propose to Conduct Postgraduates and Research Scholars Sports week under the shade of Technology Students’ Gymkhana. This will help to identify the talented players in Research Scholars and Post Graduates.

Current Scenario:

Currently, there is a Research Scholars Sports Meet which consists of 5 events namely Research Scholars Premier League(RSPL) in Cricket, Research Scholars LA-LIGA (RS LA-LIGA) in Football, Research Scholars Badminton Championship (RSBC) (for both Girls and Boys), Research Scholars Volleyball League (RSVL), Research Scholars Table Tennis League (RSTT) (for both Girls and Boys). This year RSSM was conducted from December 12th, 2016 to January 6th, 2017 wherein participation of 8 teams in RS LA-LIGA, 18 teams in RSPL, 16 teams in RSBC, 11 teams in RSTT and 8 teams in RSVL was witnessed (as referred by the RS representative).

Research scholar cultural meet (RSCM) was held for the first time which included a cycle marathon.

The financial support for events conducted in RSSM were given by departments, sponsors and institute. The main sponsors of RSSM were:

a) Pioneer Sales and Caterer

b) Kumar Sweets and Decorators

c) Eastern Knights Kolkata Rotary Central Club

d) Shankar Mishra Car Rental Services

There was a financial support from the institute to conduct these events. The total budget of RSSM and RSCM conducted in December was around INR 2.5 lacs.

What have I planned to do:

1) Conduct a separate Sports Week for Postgraduates and Research Scholars during semester time.

2) The InterIIT players and PTIs of respective sports will be present during the events, which would help to identify the talented and skillful players.

3) The Sports Week will be conducted by Gymkhana and there will be no sponsorship for these events.

4) To introduce more sporting events in Research Scholars Sports Meet like Athletics, Basket Ball etc.

5) There will be awards like Best Sportsperson, Best Emerging Sportsperson for each sport conducted in Sports Week.


1) The Post Graduates and Research Scholars will participate in large numbers.

2) Conducting Sports week during Semester period will help to select the Post graduates and Research Scholars for the Inter IIT sports meet.

3) This will increase the sports activities of Research scholars and Post Graduates.

4) It will help to identify the talent in Postgraduates and Research Scholars.

5)This will help to increase the participants from Postgraduates and Research Scholars in Inter IIT Contingent


1) As the sports week is going to be conducted under the shade of Gymkhana, the required equipment’s of each sports will be provided by the Gymkhana.

2)The amount required for Awards, Medals and Trophies will be Rs 8000.

3)The total amount required will be around Rs. 2.5 Lacs which can be included in Gymkhana Budget.


The proposal addresses to the needs of Research Scholars and Post graduate students by increasing the participation of Research Scholars and Post Graduates in Inter IIT contingent.


I propose to initiate a triathlon event under Technology Students Gymkhana, which would be open to all the students of IIT Kharagpur. Triathlon would comprise of three continuous and sequential endurance disciplines namely Swimming, Cycling and Running.

What have I planned to do:

1. The triathlon event would occur in a sequence of swimming, cycling and running respectively.

2. Initially, the participants will have to swim across a distance of 200m in the Technology Aquatics Pool.

3. Cycles would be kept outside the pool and the participants will have to cycle for 5 loops around 2.2 km round.

4. Cycling will be further followed by running 5 lap of 400m track in Jnan Ghosh stadium.

5. The participants finishing all the three races with the minimum cumulative time would be awarded 1st, 2nd and 3rd positions respectively.

6. The transition area will be set up where the athletes will change the gear for different segments of the race. These areas will be used to store bicycles, performance apparel and any other accessories required for the next stage of the race.

7. The same event shall be conducted for women with different distances.


1. A new event will attract the student community towards the Sporting Culture.

2. Triathlon will give an opportunity to the students to participate in all the three disciplines in a single event.

3. This will create an enthusiasm among the students of IIT Kharagpur and provide an alternate avenue to conventional sports with a mission to remain fit and active.

4. Triathlon strengthens all muscle groups in our body. It is a whole body workout, as swimming strengthens upper body while running and cycling helps build the lower body strength.


Total – INR 5800


There will be a new aura and wave of amusement among the students promising maximum participation and enhancement of the motivation regarding involvements in various physical activities.

Disclaimer: The format and content of all the Proposals are given by the candidates only. No editing has been done by Awaaz.

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