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Technology Gymkhana Elections 2018-19

Candidate for General Secretary Sports and Games, Gymkhana

Manish Datta Annam

DEPARTMENT: Industrial and Systems Engineering
HALL: HJB Hall of Residence


Organization of a “Summer Sports Camp” in the month of May.

Aim of the proposal

  1. To provide Inter IIT level practice in the summers to students from the list of both Inter IIT probables and non-probables.
  2. Through extensive coaching, increase the participation of specifically 1st years and 2nd years within the undergraduates.
  3. To increase the participation and involvement of postgraduate and research scholars in sports.
  4. To generate a large talent pool, which will serve as a reservoir for selecting the Inter IIT contingent.
  5. To inculcate an interest in sports within the non-athletic crowd.

Current model (sans summer camp):

  1. National Sports Organisation:
    1. Practice Sessions conducted only twice a week, and only for one hour.
    2. Academic commitments of students on regular days hamper their focus.
    3. NSO trials are conducted in the starting of the autumn semester which does not include students who are willing to pursue a particular sport, but haven’t played it a lot before.
    4. During Inter IIT practice sessions, coaches cannot focus on these students.

  2. Inter IIT Selections:
    1. Open IIT performance is used as a criterion for selection of probables in racquet sports and the inter-hall performances in athletics.
    2. People who are interested in any sport and have the potential to excel but could not get through the selection process cannot be focussed on properly during the spring semester.
    3. Very difficult for students who were not a part of the probables in a year to get selected in the subsequent years.

  3. Open IIT Tournament:
  4. Undergraduate students, especially those who have just entered their 2nd and 3rd year, find it difficult to perform in these tournaments unless they were in the list of probables the previous year.

  5. Need for such a program
    1. Lack of proper training and coaching to players with potential and interest in devoting time in their summers to sports.
    2. Most of these individuals cannot be focussed upon on regular academic days. Students will focus properly in summers due to the lack of academic pressure and other commitments.
    3. Current problem of low participation of second years, postgraduates and research scholars in Inter-IIT.
    4. Absence of a proper cycle to train players who start as amateurs in the end of the first/second year and become professionals before the end of the second/third year respectively.

    Basic Plan:

    1. Total duration of camp - 21 days (1st May-21st May)
    2. Ideal length of camp - 35 days (Based on consultation with PTIs, and the model of IIT Kanpur)
    3. Response factor (as this is the first time the camp is being organized) = 0.8
    4. Homesickness factor= 0.74 (based on a survey of students)
    5. Net final camp length = 35 * 0.8 * 0.74 = 20.72 ≈ 21 days
    6. Daily Routine during the camp:
      1. Physical conditioning: 6 am-7am
      2. Sport specific coaching: 5pm-7pm

      The timings are tentative and subject to changes according to coaches.

    Camp Structure:

    82 students will be selected, and the distribution per sport is as follows:

    1. Athletics : 12 (boys and girls)
    2. Basketball : 12 (boys and girls)
    3. Cricket : 14 (boys)
    4. Football : 14 (boys)
    5. Hockey : 14 (boys)
    6. Swimming : 6 (boys and girls)
    7. Tennis : 6 (boys and girls)
    8. Weightlifting : 4 (boys)

    Venue for physical training: Jnan Ghosh Stadium

    Warm-up with light jogging, followed by stretching.

    Strength training (push-ups, leg squats)

    Core exercises (abdominal crunches)

    Fun and team building activities (once or twice a week, as per the decision of the coaches): Tug of war etc.

    Coaching regime

    Venue for coaching:

    1. Athletics : Jnan Ghosh Stadium
    2. Basketball : Basketball Courts
    3. Cricket : Tata Sports Complex
    4. Football : Tata Sports Complex
    5. Hockey : Jnan Ghosh Stadium
    6. Swimming : Technology Swimming Pool
    7. Tennis : Tennis Courts
    8. Weightlifting : Technology Students’ Gymkhana

    The sport specific training sessions will focus primarily on the basic aspects of the sport, after strengthening which, the coach may move on to advanced skills required. However, it would be the decision of the coach to determine the exact coaching regime required by a player on the basis of his existing skill set and experience. Swimming pools slots will also be provided to the students for relaxation and to improve their bonding in accordance with the availability of the pool.

    The Physical Training Instructors and coaches were contacted regarding their willingness to train the students in a summer camp. Their response was more than positive and it can be seen in Annexure 1 at the end of the proposal document.

    In addition to sports, academic incentives can be given to students as follows :

    Students can apply for projects under professors or under research groups such as Autonomous Ground Vehicle, Autonomous Underwater Vehicle, Aerial Robotics Kharagpur etc., which they could do in the time between their sessions. Apart from this, they could also register for courses that happen in the institute in the summers, such as C++ by the department of Computer Science and Engineering. Students would be made aware of such possible avenues by online media on platforms such as facebook.


    Camp Food: ₹ (150 per person per day) * (82 persons) * (21 days) = ₹ 2,58,300

    Player of the camp T-shirts: ₹ ( 12 persons) * (518 per T-shirt) = ₹ 7,200.

    T-Shirt designs with their prices for ‘Player of the Camp’ of Women’s Tennis and Men’s Basketball:

    Budgetary Head Split-up Cost(INR)
    Food 150*21*82 2,58,300
    T-Shirts 12*518 6,216
    Total - 2,64,516

    Poll on the willingness of 1st and 2nd years:

    A poll was conducted amongst the 1st and 2nd year students regarding their willingness to participate in a 21-day summer sports camp in Sarojini Naidu/ Indira Gandhi and Lal Bahadur Shastri Halls of Residence. The results of the same have been pictorially represented here.

    Long Term Plan (Inter IIT Performance):

    Responses from the Inter IIT contingent feedback forms regarding their willingness to participate in a summer camp:

    Sport Yes No May be
    Aquatics(W) 1 1 0
    Aquatics(M) 6 1 0
    Athletics(W) 3 2 0
    Athletics(M) 8 3 0
    Badminton(W) 1 1 0
    Badminton(M) 3 0 0
    Basketball(W) 3 4 1
    Basketball(M) 7 6 0
    Cricket 8 4 1
    Football 5 1 3
    Hockey 8 5 1
    Lawn Tennis(W) 1 0 0
    Lawn Tennis(M) 3 0 0
    Squash 2 1 0
    Table Tennis(W) 0 1 0
    Lawn Tennis(M) 2 1 0
    Volleyball(W) 3 2 2
    Volleyball(M) 3 3 0
    Weightlifting 4 0 0
    Total 71 36 8

    This data has been compiled from the feedback forms submitted by the Inter IIT contingent of IIT Kharagpur in the 51st Inter IIT Sports Meet held in IIT Kanpur. It is evident from these charts that the Inter IIT contingent is itself willing to participate in a summer camp to improve our performance in the Inter IIT Sports Meet. The successful organization of this initial phase of the summer camp could pave the way to organize a summer camp for the Inter IIT Contingent.

    PROPOSAL II      

    Exclusive Alumni funding for the 12 sub-committees of Sports and Games,Technology Students’ Gymkhana IIT Kharagpur

    Aim of the proposal

    • To develop a well established channel for the alumni funds in each and every sports for improving the sporting conditions.
    • To eradicate any monetary related shortcomings faced by each sports.
    • To provide the teams of IIT Kharagpur with the top class facilities, equipments and other requirements.
    • To give our Alumni a feel that they can still contribute towards upliftment of sporting culture without being physically present in the campus.

    Present System and the need for this program

    • No such exclusive platform for alumni to contribute.
    • The alumni can currently contact the current General Secretary (Sports and Games), the President, Technology Students Gymkhana and respective PTI’s for voluntary contributions or for the inception of any award/scholarship. But there is no such open and transparent platform.
    • There is an absence of such a channel which makes the alumni feel disconnected with the sporting culture; hence, the need for this proposal.
    • How it works?

      1. Each and every sub committee of sports would be associated with a bank account.
      2. The details of each account shall be given to the alumni of respective sports. They would be requested to use this account as beneficiary.
      3. The contribution made by alumni shall be on a monthly basis which would be completely flexible.
      4. The decision of submitting the amount is totally on the will of alumni and the donation made would remain anonymous.
      5. The control of each account shall reside with the president, respective PTI/SOI, General Secretaries and the respective secretary.
      6. At the end of each month it will be the duty of secretary under the purview of General Secretaries to provide the following dignitaries with the account details and a descriptive statement, mentioning the requirements for which the account was used during that month:-
        1. Alumni Associated with the account.
        2. President Technology Students’ Gymkhana IIT Kharagpur
        3. Respective PTI’s

      Rich alumni culture and database of IIT Kharagpur robustly supports this proposal and thus makes it feasible as well. Many alumni were contacted for their views regarding this proposal and they were more than willing to support the same.

      “ We as the alumni would be more than willing to contribute. The squash team faces the crisis of a permanent coach. We would be more than willing to pay for a temporary coach on a monthly basis if the budget of squash does not suffice for the team.”

      - Mr. Anchit Singh Shekhon (Inter IIT Squash)

      The other Alumni who were contacted were

      Mr. Anant Agarwal

      Mr. Abhishek Malhotra

      Mr. Pankaj Agarwal

      Mr. Biplob Rana

      We also contacted some final year Inter-IIT players and they were in total support of this idea and were more than willing to contribute as an alum for the success of this proposal.

      “This is an extremely innovative idea. Apart from all the other benefits, it would give me a sense of satisfaction after contributing to my team if they face some monetary issues. I would still be a part of my team and the contingent as a whole through this channel.”

      - Mr. Ashwin Kumar (Inter-IIT Contingent Vice-Captain)


      This proposal would require absolutely no budget.

Disclaimer: The format and content of all the Proposals are given by the candidates only. No editing has been done by Awaaz.

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