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Technology Gymkhana Elections 2018-19

Candidate for General Secretary Sports and Games, Gymkhana

Harsh Saraf

DEPARTMENT: Mechanical Engineering
HALL: RP Hall of Residence


Setting up of an alumni network of all graduating inter IIT players and alumnus of each sport. Formation of Students’ Gymkhana External Grant Fund for specific contribution towards sports.

Aim of the program : -

  1. An initiative to connect inter IIT alumnus to their respective teams and involve them in the current sporting scene at IIT Kharagpur.
  2. To act as a point of contact for the alumni interested in contributing towards the development of sporting infrastructure in the campus.
  3. To increase overall participation in sports by creating an atmosphere of involvement of many people. Incentivise participation in inter IIT by creating scholarships from this Alumni fund.
  4. Smoothen the process of utilisation of the funds endowed by the alumnus of various sports.

Current Scenario :

Currently the Alumni Cell of IIT Kharagpur which is primarily the point of contact for alumni willing to contribute towards the institute, considers its funding base as need dependent. Also, the current machinery in place, exists through a central institute fund wherein the alumni’s contribution is only asked for when it is absolutely necessary. This primarily pertains to causes which support the overall development of the institute.

Thus, there is no current means for alumni to contribute towards a cause they care for directly owing to cited problems of tax returns and questions on proper utilisation of such funds, if given.

Any monetary grant from an alumni has to involve the Alumni Cell. The Alumni Cell of IIT Kharagpur currently has 11 programmes to offer smooth functioning contributions involving halls, corporate social responsibility as well as an upcoming department endowment campaign. However no such programme exists for Alumni donation towards sporting facilities and the upliftment of sports in general.

Need of such a network

The current process for contributing and utilising the funds towards any activity related to the Technology Students’ Gymkhana is quite cumbersome. The lack of funds in sports despite the willingness of Alumni to contribute towards the same is a major issue. The alumnus refrain from donating due to the complicated execution process without producing productive results. There is a need for a simpler system which makes channeling of funds easier towards development of any specific sport.

In order to facilitate a greater spirit of bonding among the current students and graduates, the Alumni Network will cater specifically to the inter IIT players and teams. This program will facilitate Inter IIT alumnus and graduating players to donate funds for a specific sport or sports in general so that the funds are utilized according to their wish.

How it will work :

The network will be managed and utilisation of funds will be done through one single body, Board of Sports Alumni Affairs (BSAA) . The body will consist of a student member nominated by the Executive Council, General Secretary Sports and Games, Vice President, Sports Officer In-Charge chaired by the President, TSG.

The revenue source will be through the voluntary contributions made by the alumnus towards any sport. All money contributed will be routed through the Dean, Alumni Affairs and would be transferred directly to Students’ Gymkhana External Grant Fund.

Students’ Gymkhana External Grant Fund :

Students’ Gymkhana External Grant Fund would be a central fund which would include the funds acquired through alumni donations. The funds in the Students’ Gymkhana External Grant Fund have been divided into two categories :

1. Corpus Fund : The corpus fund will be from two different sources each of which will follow the undermined rule -

2. Current Fund : The different revenue sources for the current fund will be - -

The current fund can be used by the Students’ Gymkhana for the expenses of the specific sport in which the donations have been made. The approvals have to be taken through the Board of Sports Alumni Affairs. Funds will be utilised in purchasing any equipments or cater to any other requirement pertaining to the respective sport.

Requirements for setting up this network :

1. A web portal will be established so that the alums can donate funds to the Gymkhana account. Through this portal they can also express their wish so as to how these funds will be utilized and can also review or give suggestions to improve the current system.
Execution : It will be done by the members of the Web Development team that will be recruited and will be part of the Technology Sports and Games Council.

2. An yearly sports magazine will be published and sent to the distinguished alumnus as a token of gratitude. The magazine will contain snippets of the year round sports activities in the campus including the General Championships and Inter IIT Sports Meet.
Execution : It will be done by the members of the Content Writing and Design team that will be recruited and will be part of the Technology Sports and Games Council.

Future Prospects :

Once the Alumni Network is set up including the Students’ Gymkhana External Grant Fund, the funding can be expanded to external sources as well through sponsorship with external agencies and multinational companies.


Hiring of sports interns for each sport from the Sports Authority of India and other National Sports Coaching Institutes through a Memorandum of Understanding.

Aim of the program :

  1. The first room to the left on the 1st floor in the SAC, was once used for practice of ETMS (Eastern Technology Music Society). This room has sufficient space and would be ideal for the dedicated music room of the institute.
  2. To improve the coach to participant ratio during inter IIT practices.
  3. To solve the evident problem of lack of proper coaching faculty.
  4. Improve the coaching faculty by bringing in younger more enthusiastic coaches. .
  5. By giving internship experience to coaches at IIT Kharagpur we also incentivise the option of their role as a permanent coach.

Current Scenario :

Out of the 13 Sports played on campus, there are permanent coaches for only 7 sports who are always present on campus. 6 temporary coaches are called each year. The student to coach ratio in the practice session of each inter IIT practice for various sports is as follows:

Need of such a program :

It is evident that there is a lack of proper coaching faculty for all sports year round. Moreover despite there being PTIs that are present, are unable to make practice as productive as possible due to a low coach to participant ratio. This is an initiative to assist the PTIs in conducting the inter IIT training sessions and to solve the problem of lack of proper coaching faculty in some sports. There is a lack of attention paid to each individual in majority of the sports. Hence, hiring of interns can help in distributing the workload on the coach and give the players the required necessary individual attention.

How it will work :

Through a MoU with the Sports Authority of India, the Gymkhana will hire interns for a period of 4 months (15th August - 15th December) in the Autumn Semester. This will be specifically done to also cater to the inter IIT practice sessions. In return we will be providing the interns with food and accommodation throughout their stay here at the institute and a letter of acknowledgement for their services to the institute.

On analyzing the player to coach ratio and consulting the senior players and captains of various teams, the priority list of sports that require interns is as follows (decreasing priority order) :

Expenses Involved : Food ( ₹90/day) 90*4 months = ₹10800 Accommodation (Guest Room of any Hall of Residence)- ₹4000/month 4000*4 months = ₹16000 Total Expenses : around 26,800/sport

Conclusion :

With minimal expenses incurred, hiring of sports interns can prove to be a very productive countermeasure against the lack of proper coaching facilities present in the campus.


To introduce various measures to increase outreach of sports and the involvement of students through incentives :

Aim of the program :

  1.      Spreading awareness about the inter IIT practice and the importance of inter IIT General Championship.
  2.        To increase the participation of 1st years and Post Graduate members in inter IIT.
  3.       Providing incentive and recognition to the students and players to actively continue sports practice.  

Need of such a program :

There is a need for active reporting in sports and to change the general attitude towards sports on campus. Despite being one of the largest IITs and boasting a student strength that other institutions can only dream of, we have poorly exploited what is a very large talent pool in sports.

Organising a introductory seminar along with an interaction session with the senior inter IIT players will introduce the freshers to the various sporting facilities present in the campus and motivate them to be actively involved in sports.

How it will work :

1. Introductory Seminar
Plan : Through the introductory Seminar, UG, PG and RS 1st years will be introduced to the sports culture of our institute by interaction with senior inter IIT members. They will be encouraged to participate in the inter IIT practice sessions. Various inspirational videos will be shown highlighting the facilities in campus. Apart from all this, the NSO trials for UG 1st years will be announced during the Introductory Seminar itself.

2. Player of the Month
Plan : The top performers from each sport every month will be chosen in consultation with the captains and coaches of the respective teams. The name of the winners will be published through the official Facebook page, IIT KGP Sports. This will give the students an added incentive to train hard and be the best performer next month. Also, it provides the players with much needed recognition as well for their hardwork and efforts.


Formation of “Technology Sports and Games Council” which will look after all activities and events related to all the sports in the institute

Aim of the program :

Need of such a team :

Attractive posters, photographs and videos will help in attracting students to participate in various events conducted throughout the campus. Establishment of small committed media body with photography as well as article writing personnel and publishing interviews of players will surely help increase interest in inter IIT participation.

How it will work :

Applications will be invited to be a part of the “Technology Sports and Games Council” for the following posts :

The applicants will then be shortlisted based on basic knowledge and expertise in their respective fields and will be given an assignment based on which final selections will be made by the General Secretary Sports and Games. All the team members will be a part of the “Technology Sports and Games Council” along with the Secretaries of various sub-committees and the General Secretary Sports and Games.

Tasks of Each Team :

Disclaimer: The format and content of all the Proposals are given by the candidates only. No editing has been done by Awaaz.

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