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Technology Gymkhana Elections 2018-19

Candidate for Vice-President, Gymkhana

Ayush Banerjee

DEPARTMENT: Chemical Engineering
HALL: Nehru Hall of Residence


I propose to improve the current scenario of Bidhan Chandra Roy Technology Hospital by implementing certain measures that will not only improve the quality of medical treatment provided by the Hospital but also make it convenient for the entire KGP community.


● Inadequate number of specialists in certain fields

● Lack of medical information with students leading to negligence of early symptoms of disorders.


1. I propose to ensure a proper appointment with any specialist doctor for every student in the campus by taking following measures:

● Increasing the number of specialist doctors in each and every department of the Hospital to ensure appointments for everyone.

● Creation of a slot booking portal that will be integrated into the ERP, where the student, staff and professors can book their slot of appointment beforehand.

2. I propose to ensure provision of proper health facilities for all students by taking following measures:

● Annual free full body check-up for all students to avoid any medical problems due to negligence.

● The full body check-up will cover the health parameters.

● The full body check-up will be organised by the concerned medical organisation in association with BC Roy hospital doctors every week and will be mandatory for all students.

● The cost of the full body check-up which is estimated to be around INR 2000 per person will be borne through student insurance services.

3. An emergency, easy to remember, hotline number for BC Roy Technology Hospital. The number will be 911.

The benefits of the above-mentioned proposal are as follows:-

1. The increase in the number of specialist doctors will ensure appointment to each and every patient standing in the queue.

2. Online slot booking portal will allow the patients to save time that they might have wasted standing in long queues for hours.

3. Annual full body free check-up will assist in detecting diseases which otherwise might go unnoticed.

4. The easy to remember hotline number for BC Roy technology hospital will allow the patients to easily dial the number whenever they need to do so.

5. The hotline number will be toll-free and thus the patients can call in case of any emergency even if they run out of balance.


Integration of Counselling Centre

I propose to introduce counselling sessions, seminars and activities scheduled throughout the year, to be carried out by the Counselling Centre. These will be aimed at solving the problems faced by students who are academically weak, have very low attendance or are involved in any disciplinary actions in addition to problems related to stress, anxiety, depression, etc. I also propose to start a Student Counselling Committee that will work under the Counselling Centre.


To ensure good mental health in addition to physical well-being of all students during their stay at IIT Kharagpur, which will lead to fewer number of cases of depression, suicides and better well-being of students.


● At the beginning of each semester, a meeting of all the students who are academically weak as per the UG Rules & Regulations will be arranged with their respective Faculty Advisor, who will recommend the students to the Counselling Centre based on the reasons provided for low academic performance.

● Every semester, after the end of mid-semester examination a list of students, who have attendance lower than 30% or missed an examination, will be prepared. The same procedure as mentioned above will be followed for these students.

● At the end of the semester, a list of students who have failed in a subject, deregistered in a course or missed an examination will be prepared. The same procedure will be followed for these students as well.

● Students facing disciplinary actions will have to attend counselling sessions, as per the decision of the Disciplinary Committee.

● Attending the prescribed counselling sessions is mandatory. After completing the same a certificate will be given by the Counselling Centre which is to be submitted to the Faculty Advisor.

● The Student Academic Council members in the department will be responsible for monitoring the students directed to the Counselling Centre by the Faculty Advisor. They will be reporting the anomalies (irregular attendance of students in the counselling sessions) to the respective Faculty Advisors regarding the prescribed sessions by the Counselling Centre.

● A Student Counselling Committee of 3 students will be formed as a part of Counselling Centre. They will be trained with basic knowledge of counselling treatment by the Counsellors of Counselling Centre to help out in the process.

● A seminar will be integrated with Extra Academic Activities (EAA) such that the attendance will be significant for that seminar.

● The number of visits to the psychiatrist in a week will be increased. Events:

● A seminar will be conducted at the start of every semester, as a part of EAA.

● Apart from this, an event/fun activity will also be conducted every semester.

● The formulation of the events and seminars will be done by the Student Counselling

Committee Members under the guidance of Counsellors and Professor in charge, before the start of the semester.

● The seminars and events will be aimed at helping students in dealing with stress, anxiety, anger and other problems in day to day life.


● The Counselling Centre will become more accessible and students will be more comfortable to visit the Counselling Centre.

● It will help to prevent suicides by dealing with possible cases at a very earlier stage.

● The social and psychological health of students in campus will improve.

● It will help to keep a check on the unnecessary bunking of classes by students.

● The average academic performance of students will improve.



Student Buddy Program

I propose to start a “Student Buddy Program” for the post-graduate students, a program through which fourth year dual degree undergraduate students and senior postgraduates (2nd years) will act as guides for junior post-graduate students and will help them in their placement preparations and involvements in the extracurricular activities which are run by Technology Students Gymkhana.


● Placement opportunities a problem for the post graduate students, as they are unaware of the types of profiles which the companies seek in the core as well as non-core fields of work.

● Lack of awareness regarding internship opportunities and internships relevant to placement goals.

● They are not familiar with the various general championships and competitions of the institute which are run by Technology Students Gymkhana.

● They are unaware of the extra academic activities in the institute which are very important for one’s personality development as well as exposure.


● A fourth-year dual degree undergraduate student and a second-year postgraduate student will be buddies for two of the students pursuing masters in technology and are currently in their first year.

● The Vice President, Technology Students’ Gymkhana will be an ex-officio coordinator.

● The Student Welfare Group will be handling the program by the start of the autumn semester.

● The first meeting will be scheduled by the Student Welfare group.

● A feedback will be taken by the end of the semester from each of the postgraduate student.


● A mentor will make them aware of the type of companies which come to the campus for recruitment and the profiles they prefer, which will give them a direction for preparation, hence help in increase in placements.

● He/she will make them familiar with ongoing competitions and general championships (Inter Hall & Inter IIT) in the institute which will help them discover hidden talents within them.

● He/she will help them know more about the institute’s culture and traditions and various societies in which they can get involved to learn more.

● This program will help in more interaction between the Undergraduate and the Post-Graduate Students.


Videography in laboratory experiments.

I propose to help students of IIT Kharagpur by introducing videos of the laboratory in the academic curriculum which the students can get access to through the Moodle. This will be issued to all the laboratory in the institute where the professor in charge would coordinate with the Moodle team.


● It becomes difficult for students to remember all the laboratory experiment at the end for the laboratory test.

● In some laboratories, the laboratory equipment is less or not equipped so it becomes difficult for all the students to get deep knowledge in the case of large strength of batches.


● The professor in charge of all laboratories will coordinate with the Moodle team for videography of their respective laboratories prior to the start of academic session.

● The Moodle team will coordinate with the professor in charge on receiving an application letter from him.


● It will help the student community to prepare for the laboratory experiments prior to their day of experiments.

● It will be helpful for the laboratory assistants as well as professors as it will save the time used in explaining the experiments and students too will get a detailed view of the experiments they are going to perform.

● It will help the students as in future if any time he wants to look back on any previous experiments he has a medium.

● During laboratory examination students have a backup to look back through a visual display.

● The professor can have a look at how many sincere students are through the Moodle access.


Overnight Food Canteen and Stationery Shop

I propose to start an overnight “Staff Canteen” and “Stationery & Xerox Shop” in the strategic locations of the campus. The staff canteen, as well as the Stationery shop, will be strategically located on the campus and will remain open 24x7 and accessible easily to the community of the institute.


1. There are many students who are involved in departmental studies, laboratories and research projects and sometimes have to travel a lot of distance for food and refreshment in odd hours.

2. The security staff within the academic area who are awake at night face discomfort due to lack of availability of refreshment and hence might lose efficiency in their work.


1. Extending the staff canteen would help make food available to people in the academic complex. There is a dearth of food options post class hours in the academic area.

2. Having overnight stationary shops would make it convenient for students to access stationary, Xerox and printing facilities the whole day. This would be particularly beneficial during examinations and placements

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