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Technology Gymkhana Elections 2018-19

Candidate for General Secretary Technology, Gymkhana

Anusha Sharan

HALL: SN Hall of Residence

PROPOSAL 1      

Proposal: To expand the horizons of the Technology General Championship by facilitating the showcasing of the winning solutions of events of the Technology General Championship, in conferences and exhibitions conducted by renowned international organisations and societies.

Need: ​The events of the Technology General Championship are extremely competitive and encourage active participation from many Halls of Residence. However, the need for having greater incentives awarded to the participants has been felt in recent years, as there have been many alternative events and competitions that have come up at the same time, which might seem more lucrative to some. Apart from this,In case of some events, the teams face hindrances in projecting their solutions on other platforms after the General Championship.

Implementation: ​This will be done through the formation of student chapters of the various international societies working in different fields. The organisations will be approached for association with the various events of the Technology General Championship which are relevant to their fields, and the events will be considered to be a part of the chapter’s student-run activities. This will help the events get a certification from the concerned organisation. Apart from this, the organisation will be approached through the liaison for the further participation of the winners in various conferences and exhibitions conducted by them. We have approached various organisations for the same and their response is quite positive. Benefits of Association:

The benefits of having the international organisations associate with the events would be multi-fold:
1. For events that require a problem statement, it would be provided by an associated entity as mutually agreed upon by the Technology Students’ Gymkhana and the organisation in question.
2. The certificate that would be provided to the winners by the Technology Students’ Gymkhana would mention the name of the organisation that had associated with the event.
3. This certification would prove to be a valuable addition to their Curriculum Vitae.
4. The Technology Students’ Gymkhana would try to send the winning teams for relevant events to exhibitions and conferences conducted by the associated organisations, as per the Memorandum of Understanding between the two bodies. This would subsequently lead to greater international exposure.
5. The winning solutions of events such as Product Design and Hardware Modelling would therefore get a chance to be showcased on an international platform.

Proposed Organisations:
1. Association for Computing Machinery (ACM)
2. Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers (IEEE) - A student branch for this organisation
already exists at IIT Kharagpur.
3. Institution of Mechanical Engineers (IMechE)
4. Institution of Chemical Engineers (IChemE)
5. American Society of Civil Engineers (ASCE)


A. Starting of an ACM chapter -
This is a 4-step process completed online at the ACM website which is described as follows:
1. The chapter name, chapter email address, chapter type, and chapter sub-type is entered.
2. The names of the individuals who will serve as the Chair, Vice Chair and Treasurer. These individuals must be ACM Student Members. In addition, a Faculty Sponsor with an ACM Professional Membership is required.
3. The chapter contact information (postal address and contact number) is entered.
4. The names of at least ten (10) individuals willing to carry out the chapter's mission and participate in activities is entered.
5. Once the completed application is submitted, it will be reviewed by the Local Activities Manager within 5-7 business days.
B. Starting an ASCE Chapter -

1. Institution must have an engineering program related to civil engineering and leading to an engineering degree.
2. Institution must have at least 1 full-time faculty member who is an ASCE member and who agrees to serve as faculty adviser;
3. Endorsement of the application must be done by the Head of the Department.
4. Endorsement of the application by the official action of the ASCE Section or Branch in whose jurisdiction the institution is located, must also be done.
5. One year of successful operation must be completed under the effective guidance of the ASCE Section or Branch in whose jurisdiction the institution is located.
6. The existing organized group of students must have a minimum membership of 12 undergraduate and/or graduate students.
Application Process:
1. Download and review the Guide for Establishing a New ASCE Student Chapter.
2. Contact the local ASCE Section or Branch and request the assistance and guidance of two Practitioner Advisors in organizing a new ASCE Student Chapter.
3. Work with the Advisors to develop a schedule of student-planned meetings and activities for the group during the 12-month establishment period.
4. Submit a Statement of Intent to Establish Submission to and acceptance by the Committee on Student Members (CSM) of a Statement of Intent to Establish marks the beginning of the one-year establishment period before one may submit a Student Chapter Application.
5. Hold regular and organized student-planned meetings and events for student officers and general members as planned, for a period of one year.
6. Maintain records of the student-planned meetings and activities of the group.
7. Submit an application to be reviewed by the Committee on Student Members.

The Committee of Student Members (CSM) reviews Statements of Intent to Establish​ and Student Chapter Applications​ three times a year -- in the spring, in the summer, and in the fall. The deadline for the summer and the fall meetings are June 30 and September 30 respectively.
C. Starting an IChemE chapter: ​This is done through the Indian Institute of Chemical Engineers​ and has an application form for student members,
D. Starting an IMechE Chapter:

There are 4 main stages of setting up a student chapter of IMechE:
1. Assigning an Academic Liaison Officer (ALO) for the university from the professors working in relevant fields.
2. Recruiting new Student Affiliate Members and informing the ALO of the same.
3. Assigning of a Chair by the ALO and recruitment of the Chapter committee by the Chair. The Chapter committee will consist of the following members:
a. Vice Chair
b. Secretary
c. Treasurer
d. Additional roles such as: Website Officer, Publicity Officer, Event Coordinator, Newsletter Editor When the student chapter committee is formed, the committee’s first task is to complete the student chapter registration form. The completed form should be sent to the local Branch/Region Chair, the university representative/ALO and IMechE HQ so that the panel can be formally registered and reported to the International Strategy Board via the Branch/Region committee.

PROPOSAL 2      

Proposal:​ To expand the social reach of Kshitij by introducing an event which aims at creating software or working models using Artificial Intelligence and concepts of Data Science like Machine Learning, that can be used by differently abled people.
The main aim of inventions and research is to fulfill the needs and requirements of society. The Director of the institute in his speech during the inaugural ceremony of Kshitij had said that if there was an event introduced that would impact the community and would make their lives easier if the solutions are implemented, he would be willing to patronize it and ensure that it is put to action. In line with his vision for the fest, this event is being proposed with the aim to have engineers and tech-enthusiasts help give back to the society and contribute towards making a difference. The problem statement will be open ended and every team has to make an application or an instrument which can help physically and mentally challenged people.

Judging Parameters:
The parameters for judging will be akin to that of the Product Exhibition event in the Technology General Championship.
There will be two categories in this event:
1. Prototypes of working models or actual running applications
2. Presentations of the hypothetical design
The second category would be introduced to add an element of liberalism to the entire event. For the first category, marks would be given for the following parameters:
1. Report
2. Presentation
3. Working Demonstration
4. Utility
5. Feasibility
6. Innovativeness
7. Design
For the second category, marks for the working demonstration would not be awarded and the other categories would remain the same.

Judges:​ The judges would be an eminent panel of professors, researchers and representatives from companies who are already pioneering in this sector.

Professors: The professors would be from various relevant fields like the Medical Sciences, Computer Science, ECE and Mechanical Engineering.

Application of Solutions: The winning solutions will be felicitated and if the companies or research groups find the prototype/hypothetical design practical and feasible, they would provide the funding and grants for the winning teams.
The participants from IIT Kharagpur would be facilitated by the organisers in terms of the patenting of their product and sponsored research. The organisers would try to contact groups such as the Technology Transfer Group and institutions like the M.N.Farooqui Research Centre and the Sponsored Research and Industrial Consultancy (SRIC) who could associate with the event in this regard.

1. The main benefit of this proposal will be the kind of impact it could create on the society if the proposal is brought to fruition and the solutions are implemented.
2. The implementation of this proposal would also impact Kshitij as it would help it reach a wider section of society and would make it more inclusive.

PROPOSAL 3      

Proposal: To introduce some novel events in the Open IIT that are later on incorporated in the Technology General Championship with the consensus of all Halls of Residence.
The events proposed are as follows:
1. Cyber Security Challenge
2. Mobile Game Design

Aim: ​The Open IIT events provide a unique opportunity for like minded students to transcend the confines of their Halls of Residence and come together to showcase their skills. Keeping this in mind, a few challenging events that add greater diversity to the already existing General Championship could be introduced and with the consensus of all Halls of Residence, be implemented in the Technology General Championship in the coming years. The events introduced would be held in the autumn semester and would also cater to the dearth in technology related events in the semester as compared to the spring semester.

A. Cyber Security Challenge: ​This event would consist of challenges which include but are not limited to categories like Cryptography, Malware Analysis, Digital Forensics, System Exploitation and Web Application Exploitation. It would also increase awareness towards ethics in information security and computer network defense.

Problem Statement:​ The problem statement could consist of an application (a website or entire system) that the participants would hack into within a stipulated time, would find out all potential bugs and threats, and would submit a report along with a proposed solution.

Judging Parameters: ​The judging would be based upon the increase in the strength of the solution. The quantifiable parameters for marking would be released with the problem statement by the judges depending on the company/organisation/researcher’s requirements.

Possible Associations:​ 1. NYU Tandon School of Engineering, the founder of the CSAW games, the world’s largest student-run cyber security games.
2. Data Security Council of India
The associations would be responsible for providing the problem statement for the event.

B. Mobile Game Design: This event would involve the application of concepts like human computer interface (HCI), game design, fine arts and computer science.

Problem Statement: ​The problem statement would be open ended leaving more scope for diversity. The game could be for a particular purpose, use innovative interfaces or go beyond the boundaries of current game mechanics. The choice of the game to be developed would be left to the participating teams.

Details: ​The game would be developed on an Android platform, and the submission for the event would consist of the following deliverables:
1. Report (Describing the design choices, target application area, existing game efforts in this domain and the evaluation strategies for impact)
2. Game Demonstration (showing the screen and the player interacting with the game)
3. Video Trailer (that gives an overview of the game)

Judging Criteria: ​The judging will be based on the quality and originality of the gameplay, and the quantifiable parameters for judging would be declared later as per the discretion of the judges.

1. The Cyber Security Challenge would provide insights into the world of Ethical Hacking and network security.
2. The Mobile Game Design event would be combining elements of creativity and expertise in programming, and would provide a stimulating platform for the student community to showcase their skills in these areas.

PROPOSAL 4      

Proposal: To have a Dashboard that would consist of all activities related to the Technology Committee of the Technology Students’ Gymkhana and would also act as a forum for discussions on technology in general.

Details: ​The Dashboard would consist of details related to the following aspects, placed in separate portals:
a. Technology General Championship: ​The events of the Technology General Championship, the rules for individual events, the tentative schedule of events and past problem statements would be provided in this portal. The minutes of meeting of the subcommittee meetings would be posted under the relevant sections to ensure the process of conduction of events is as transparent as possible. The scoresheets of the events would also be provided after the completion of the event and the declaration of the result.
b. Open IIT:​ All relevant information related to the Open IIT events would be provided here.
c. Inter IIT Tech Meet: ​This portal will contain information related to the event description for the various competitions that would be held in the meet and their problem statements, rules and regulations for the meet, archives of the past meet and the contingent list. It would also contain information related to tentative seminars, workshops and competitions that would be held in regards to the meet.
d. Blog: ​The Dashboard would act as a host for various blog entries on technological developments and issues, both within and outside the purview of IIT Kharagpur, that would be contributed by the student community of IIT Kharagpur. There would be bi-monthly guest blogs by the faculty or alumni of IIT Kharagpur as well.
e. Forum: ​This portal would be serving a dual purpose of acting as a forum for exchange of thoughts and opinions on pertinent issues related to the technology committee or technology in general, a platform where suggestions and feedback could be provided with regards to the improvement in the framework of the dashboard or the committee and its working as a whole. The forum would also host monthly AMA sessions with both the General Secretaries which could be used by the student community to clarify their doubts, put in their valuable suggestions, and check the progress of the General Secretaries.

Implementation: ​The existing Dashboard of MetaKGP developed for the 5th Inter IIT Tech Meet would be incorporated for some sections with additional features and modifications as required. The framework would be dynamic and would be open to suggestions as per the feedback of the students that would be provided in a separate portal within the Dashboard itself. The people involved in the maintenance and the updation of the website would mainly be the General Secretaries, Technology, Secretaries for the various sub-committees, the Web Secretary, the Technology Coordinator and the Public Relations Chair. They would be aided by the representatives (General Secretaries and Secretaries) of each Hall of Residence. We have spoken to a few people at MetaKGP and their response is quite positive. The final draft of the proposal will be shared with them with suitable modifications and then it will be decided upon as to which components would be implemented by them.

1. The Dashboard will provide thorough information about the activities and the working of the Technology Committee.
2. The blog would act as a platform where people would put forward their opinions on various pertinent issues related to technology, as well as exciting technological developments both within and outside the campus.
3. The AMA sessions on the forum would provide the student community the power to review the performance of the General Secretaries, and would be a common ground where inputs on improving the performance of the committee would be provided, and productive discussions between the student community and the student representatives would happen.

Disclaimer: The format and content of all the Proposals are given by the candidates only. No editing has been done by Awaaz.

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