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Technology Gymkhana Elections 2018-19

Candidate for General Secretary Technology, Gymkhana

Anmol Shakya

HALL: RP Hall of Residence

PROPOSAL – 1      


The team of Kshitij 2017 conducted zonal preliminary rounds in India in various cities such as Indore, Raipur, Ludhiana, etc. as a part of Kascade. With the help of these regionals we increased our participation in Kshitij from these cities. We are the Asia’s largest techno-management fest ‘Kshitij’ and while we receive international participation for some of our events, none of the events of Kshitij were conducted in other countries till now. I propose to conduct the regionals ‘Kascade’ in the neighbouring countries as Bangladesh, Nepal and Bhutan, thereby, giving an international exposure to not only the fest but also the students participating from various corners of the nation.


- Students of IIT Kharagpur as well as those participating in Kshitij will get an international platform to compete with those abroad and prove their mettle.

- It will help in the increasing the reach and publicity of the techno-management fest of our institute, thereby, aiding our institute in getting more international fame.

- It will improve the relations between the participating institutes, which might promote programmes of internship and student exchange in near future.

- This being the first step in our international reach, if successful, would lead to conduction of such events in other countries in future editions of Kshitij as well.


International Regional Rounds will be conducted by event heads accompanied by Campus Affiliates/Volunteers during Durga Puja Holidays in the next semester.

Tentative Date: 1st October, 2017 (Sunday)


The preliminary round of following events will be conducted as a part of Kascade:

- Math Olympiad

Duration: 1 hour
  Team Size: 1
  Prize Money: INR 2,000

- Source Code

Duration: 1 hour
  Team Size: 3
  Prize Money: INR 3,000

- Embetronix

Team Size: 4
  Prize Money: INR 5,000

The following are the benefits to the students participating:
  - Online certificate of participation
  - Prize Money to the qualifying students
  - Direct entry to the finals of respective event in Kshitij’18


In the previous editions of Kshitij, there have been participation for our online events from USA, Canada, etc. Also, students flew to IIT Kharagpur during Kshitij’17 for participating in the Global Model United Nations event conducted this year where I talked to the participants about their experience in our fest, their views on our events and this conversation lead to the idea of giving the fest an international exposure.

The question paper for Math Olympiad and Source Code shall be provided by the members of faculty while the problem statement for Embetronix shall be prepared by respective Event Head.

I’ve had a conversation and mailer confirmation from the Professor-in-charge for booking the venues at respective institutes which are as follows:

BUDGET INVOLVED: (tentative)


For sponsorship purpose, we can either have a major sponsor specifically for conducting this event or we can have regional sponsors for every region. Since we have statistics of the Kascade that was conducted successfully last time and the fact that we’re going international this year, it’ll help in pitching to the corporate companies. The regional sponsors can also be brought by the core team members. Embassy can also provide the funds for event.

Proposal – 2      


Every year there are various events in Technology General Championship but the products or the ideas suggested in the events never been implemented in the working model for social purpose. Hence an event regarding marketing campaign for government policies will be important addition in our Technology General Championship. From this event, we can make an impact on the society as well as also contribute to our government from the student community of IIT Kharagpur. There are government policies regarding Biofuels Energy, Petrochemical resources, Research Institutes, Digital India and Make in India. So there should be an event in Open IIT regarding marketing campaign of these policies among our society.

Some Policy Structures from Government:



First of all we choose a government policy which is currently most relevant to trending topics in technology field. For this policy we decide the duration of campaigning model preparation and every hall have to submit final model in that time.

Every hall have to choose a medium of marketing the policy such as audio, video, survey etc. Every hall is free to choose any medium of marketing. Then they have to prepare the model by focusing on that medium. Moreover, a hall also include more than one medium for the campaigning.

After preparing the model, a team from every hall have to propose the model to the judges by power point presentation with proper timeline and reach of the people clearly mentioned in the presentation.

Proposal - 3      

Open School Championship


I propose to conduct an Open School Championship in Kshitij 2018 through a series of events involving mental aptitude, logic, and dexterity, the annual school aptitude examination aims to provide school students a platform to build fundamental experience and knowledge, to exercise coordination skills, and to think out of the box.


Individual Participation from students of classes 11 th and 12 th The championship is held in two stages:

Mains is an intermediate level exam. It is conducted during Kshitij. The questions will appeal to the logical and aptitude skills of the students and questions will be both subjective and objective in nature. The top 50-100 participants from the second round will be invited to IIT Kharagpur for the final round on one of the days during Kshitij’16.

In addition to this, students can attend the workshops and fun events to spend the night. Other than events, the students can witness the competitions of Kshitij, attend the Guest Lectures of famous personalities, watch Megashows.

Eligibility and Participant Selection Process

For a student to appear in the examination, he/she must be X class passed and must not have appeared for the XII boards i.e. The students should be studying in XI or XII STD.


Every participant will receive e-Certificate of participation. Cash Prizes for top 3.


Initially the event will be held in two cities: Bhubaneswar and Kolkata and then spread nationwide in future editions of Kshitij Collaboration with Schools Kshitij will collaborate with schools to conduct the Open School Championship in their respective school or associate with a School each for Kolkata and Bhubaneswar region as a test centre. In return the School would get publicity, a chance to associate with IIT Kharagpur, and CSR accomplishment among other benefits.


Corporate sponsorship or sponsorship from Schools would cover the expenses for event conduction.


Core team members and College/School Representatives of the region along with school authorities would help in smooth organisation and conduction of event.


Association with organisations which organise quizes and olympiads in schools for setting of question paper and correcting them.


List of Higher Secondary Schools:

Appendix 2

Disclaimer: The format and content of all the Proposals are given by the candidates only. No editing has been done by Awaaz.

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