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Technology Gymkhana Elections 2018-19

Candidate for General Secretary Social and Cultural, Gymkhana

Aman Choudhary

DEPARTMENT: Geology and Geophysics
HALL: LBS Hall of Residence


It is well said, “Laughter is the best medicine”. It helps in reducing the stress and promotes an overall sense of well-being.

Stand-up comedy as an art has been gaining massive popularity over the past few years. The industry, still in its early stages, now sees a lot more influx of aspiring comedians as it transforms the ecosystem around it. There are many people who are likely to associate themselves with it and thus I believe there is a need to develop its culture in our campus.


  1. It will promote the Stand-up culture in the campus.
  2. The open mic sessions will be a platform for many students to showcase their talent. As these sessions will be open to all, students can find it as a good option to release their stress.
  3. It will act as an Ice breaker to the students who are from different years or fields.
  4. There are many events which features Stand-Up comedy as one of the competition, this will enhance the performance of students.
  5. Help in reducing open stage fear among students.
  6. Boost self-confidence and command over language of the participant, which would also help during their interviews.


The inclusion of Stand-Up Comedy will be done in these steps-

  1. Introduction of a whole new event for this genre in Open IIT Competition.
  2. Conduction of “Open Mic Nights” at regular intervals, where students can come and present their work and get some important inputs for the same.

Appendix - 1

Open IIT Stand- Up

  1. Language can be Hindi or English.
  2. It will be an individual event.
  3. Time limit 8 min (If it exceeds by 30 sec – 15% penalty; 30- 60 sec - 30 % penalty; more than 60 sec – disqualified.)
  4. Judging Criteria-
    Content- 40 %
    Expression- 25%
    Audience Response - 20 %
    Presentation/Voice Modulation – 15 %
     Audience Response, 15 Audience Response, 15%

Open Mic Sessions

These sessions will be open to all, anyone who is interested to participate can come to perform as well as to enjoy. Each individual will be given 10 min to present their work. Short video clips will be made, which will be posted on online platforms. This would not only increase the participation but also promote the culture of Stand- Up.




Our institute, IIT Kharagpur, has had a rich culture of music over the years. This rich tradition of music has also transcribed into the current bunch of aspiring and talented musicians on campus. With the talent on campus and the musical activity throughout the year, it is very important and essential to have our campus’s own music room, which can be used for institute level musical participation and practice.

Project Brief:

Though the individual halls of the campus have dedicated music room and instruments for practice at the inter-hall level, yet there is no common-space available for practicing and jamming for the institute for inter-college level musical events such as annual foundation day production, spring fest production, annual productions of different musical societies on campus etc. It is very difficult to assemble a large no. of members for such productions in the small hall music rooms which also have restriction on female entry. Hence, the following proposals for the institute music room are made:

  1. The first room to the left on the 1st floor in the SAC, was once used for practice of ETMS (Eastern Technology Music Society). This room has sufficient space and would be ideal for the dedicated music room of the institute.
  2. The room should be made sound-proof properly, keeping in mind the acoustics for a suitable music room.
  3. The room needs to be air-conditioned.
  4. There should be a few futons, mattresses, chairs and tables for accommodation and keeping of equipment.
  5. A few musical instruments which are too difficult to carry from different halls need to be bought and stationed at the music room.

Logistics Required & Budget :

Purpose Estimated Cost (INR)
Sound Proofing 7, 00, 000
Air-Conditioning (Split) 50, 000
Mattresses, Tables, Chairs 12, 000
Sound Mixer 25, 000
Drum Set 12, 000
Total 9, 37, 000


  1. The sound-proofing ensures better practice and zero interference with other sessions in SAC.
  2. Also, the equipment could do with a little less humidity, which is why every studio or jam pad is Air Conditioned, in order to avoid too much moisture settling in on the equipment, since damage to any equipment in the music room can lead to a hefty expenditure on repairs. Also practice for large groups becomes convenient in KGP heat.
  3. The room can be used for teaching music purposes as well for holding the music classes.

Almost all the other IITs have a dedicated institute music room, and with the musical culture of KGP, we deserve a better place to practice our passion for music as well. On behalf of all the music lovers, enthusiasts and musical societies on campus, I sincerely hope the project gets approved and funded.



I propose to introduce three online events viz. Kavya, Rachna and Chhavi to introduce new genres of poetry, digital designing and photography respectively in Open IIT.


  1.       The theme of the events will be based on pertaining social issues in or around the IIT Kharagpur campus to promote social awareness among the students of IIT Kharagpur.
  2.        These events would be a week long submission based event, starting tentatively around the month of August.
  3.         These events would be judged upon by the professors or alumnus of the institute considering they are most aware about the social issues in and around the campus.  

Online Events proposed are:

  1.        Rhyme Time (Poetry): It is an online poetry writing competition. The participant has to submit an original write-up on the topic given. The theme of the event will be based on a specific issue which will be declared through all possible channels.
  2.         Aakrit (Poster Design): It is an online digital poster making competition. The participant has to submit an original poster based on the given problem statement. The theme of the poster will be declared a week before the deadline of submission of the final designs.
  3.     Snap It (Photography): It is a Photography competition. The submission has to be made online. The participant has to submit a self-captured photo revolving around the given theme. The theme of the event will be declared a week before the final submission deadline only.


  1.        Organizing the event online will reduce the requirement of resources.
  2.         Online Event will also encourage more participation providing the participants a chance to perform in their comfort zone.
  3.          This will help in creating social awareness among the students of IIT Kharagpur.
  4.         This will help in reviving the art of poetry writing
  5.         The competition “Aakrit” will also encourage learning desire for various design softwares like Adobe Photoshop or Adobe Illustrator, among Under Graduate, Post Graduate  & Research Scholar students.


The rules of the three events are:

Rhyme Time :

● In case of any dispute the judge’s decision is final and binding.

● Any foul language will lead to disqualification.

Aakrit :

Snap It :

Disclaimer: The format and content of all the Proposals are given by the candidates only. No editing has been done by Awaaz.

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