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Technology Gymkhana Elections 2018-19

Candidate for General Secretary Sports and Games, Gymkhana

Akhilesh Gundu

DEPARTMENT: Civil Engineering
HALL: LLR Hall of Residence


My first proposal is to enhance the involvement of the Post Graduate and Research Scholarstudents (Men and Women) in the Sporting fraternity which includes the active participation in the Inter-IIT Sports Meet.

I would like to elaborate my way of implementation of this proposal. The number of Postgraduate students joining each year in the campus is nearly 6500 which is a huge number in comparison with the other IITs. But their participation in the Sports events, be it the Open IIT Tournaments, Inter IIT Sports Meet, etc is less than 10%.

Even though a large number of players with huge sporting skills join the institute every year. But due to lack of awareness of opportunities and facilities provided by the institute, they are unable to continue their sporting during their stay in the campus.

So, to improve this situation, I would like to take some initiatives if elected General Secretary Sports and games.

The Introduction of “PG Sports Week for men and women”; in the Autumn Semester itself to inculcate our Sporting culture in them.

I also propose to include an extra column in the admission procedure of the PG students, regarding their past achievements in any sport.

As a part of this, the relevant documents or certificates are to be uploaded in the ERP so that their skill in any sporting event can be identified beforehand.

Once I will have a database of PG students then by properly communicating with the General Secretaries of the respective PG Halls, I will ensure that these players come to the field to demonstrate their talents.

I am planning to conduct first phase of PG and RS week in August and the second phase of PG and RS week immediately after the mid-semesters, somewhere at the end of September.

I will be conducting the events of indoor sports and aquatics in the starting of August so that the rains do not affect it. And the outdoor sports will be conducted immediately after the mid-semester exams(25th of September).

I will also ensure that the events take place in the presence of Captains, senior players and the PTIs so that the purpose of spotting or identifying the talent is fulfilled. And soon after the event, we will motivate the potential players to come for the Inter-IIT practices.

Following is the distribution of sports in the 1st phase of the PG and RS Sports week for men and womenDay

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