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CV Module: Complex Mess or Uniformly Reliable?

For the past few days we have been seeing a growing trend of resentment amongst the students sitting for placements and internships regarding the newly introduced CV module for the auto generation of Resumes by CDC. As a responsible media body, representing the common voice of student community, Awaaz, IIT Kharagpur, conducted a survey regarding this new CV module and to the no amazement, we got responses from about 400 of the students who will be sitting in the upcoming placements. Here, we present to you the general issues faced by students with detailed infographics on the basis of collected data. Some specific problems addressed by the students have also been put forward in the article.

As per the responses, the most common reply was that the new CV module is too irritating and cumbersome and the timely changes offered by the CDC in this new module to bring in the uniformity among the applications has led to much resentment amongst the general KGP crowd. As per our talks with some students sitting for the placements and internships, we found out the following general issues and their possible solutions.


  • Number of man hours wasted to update the CV as per the new module.
  • Compulsion of submitting the CV in the prescribed format and students think that they should have freedom to make their own CV.
  • The CV Module has many bugs and is totally non-user friendly.
  • One cannot make changes to the CV later in this semester, and would be unable to add new skills and achievements like Inter-IIT, however this can only be done by going to the CDC office by showing respective proofs.
  • One cannot change his/her CV for a particular company at the time of CV submission.
  • No scope to show creativity if student are making the CV for their dream company.
  • People had different specialisations and can’t choose to ignore particular one and mention another.
  • Good CV is formed after iteration, and CDC should not ask submission 3 months prior to the placements.
  • There is no flexibility about the categorisation of various achievements, scholarships, start-ups and POR.
  • No freedom to reorder or format sections at his/her own wish.
  • The template of the CV doesn’t look good and there aren’t enough options for the formatting.

Issue 1: Number of man hours wasted to update the CV as per the new module

The new module should be duly tested by the authorities and should be presented to the students only when everything seems to be fine with the CV module. It consumes a sensible amount of time which can be used in a much better manner by focussing on developing the new skills rather than updating CV after every few days.

Issue 2: Compulsion of submitting the CV in the prescribed format

The system should be flexible and CDC should allow students to choose whether they want to upload the CV generated via module or a self-prepared CV. Such a system exists in IIT Bombay and is highly successful there. Although there is an option of CV1, CV2 and CV3 but still the best approach to apply for a company is to upload a customized CV as that would increase the chances of getting shortlisted for that particular company or else option for editing the CV should be kept open always. Another possible approach can be that of CDC providing a sample template to form a CV with certain guidelines. It will be a much better option as it will allow the students to add content according to their choices. The most serious problem that many people face is that they have to leave some rows blank (for instance data about POR) which is shown in the CV giving a very bad impression. This would eliminate the problem students are facing who want to add certain other achievements not being covered by any of the given fields.

Issue 3: User-Friendliness of the module

Solution: The CV updating module is highly “non - user - friendly”. Rather than making students directly code their CV it would be much better that first a proper interface should be built for editing purpose. Using the features of previously built softwares(like MS-Word) for document editing would be very good approach as it would not delve the students into the details of coding but letting them concentrate on doing some work to put in their resumes.

Some specific problems raised by the students

The format of project title/ company should be made flexible Sometimes it works with mobile browser and not with Desktop browser Apart from content, we should also be able to change font and font-size of headings There are random greek letters appearing out of nowhere Cannot preview/download the documents uploaded last year during our internships We don’t want to go with the default naming of the panels Flexibility of rearranging the subsections within the given space should be allowed There should be no deadline as many students are having competitions/projects/other achievements till December about which they won’t be able to describe just now in their CVs There must be a separate field for Scholarships achieved. Also past and current responsibilities must be separated in two different fields.

The Voice(s) of KGP

"The Most important thing about a student’s resume is that it is supposed to be his own, this is the reason why companies ask for resume as it gives the student a chance to make a first impression. There is no fixed format of a resume anywhere in this world and every student has the right to make his own resume as he wants. By making it mandatory to choose amongst three fixed formats, with just limited number of fixed sections, CDC is snatching away the very basic right of a student to make his unique resume, stand out and impress the company people. Currently all 2000 students sitting for placements are just part of the same heed, which is not acceptable."

"We have been trying to make the CVs from 1st of August and its 17th already and still no one has been able to make even a decent CV till now. That should give CDC a good enough clue that the portal is so full of bugs that no matter how much time and effort we give to it, we are not able to generate an acceptable CV. When we try to put our academic record there is poor indentation, when we try to put internships there is problem in arranging them as per your wish, when we try to put projects we discover we can't merge projects and internships , when we try to put publications and competitions we cannot highlight various options, when we try to put our own startup there is no proper place to fit it into any category. On top of that there are random AA$ symbols appearing that just wouldn’t go, we cannot put bullets, cannot order the sections as per our wish, cannot customize as per a specific company nor can we have any formatting of bullets or so."

"The module has already been changed 3 times. CV building takes several rounds of review by seniors and colleagues and everytime there is a change in the module we cannot get the CV reviewed by seniors because of this constant juggling. Please stop introducing new things every other day and let us submit our own CVs"

"I understand such a system is required but currently the system is not in a state to be implemented. Thousands of students are looking for placements, which is a stepping stone to their careers and financial security in the coming years. Such a system hampers our chances to express ourselves and get the best we can. Thus, CV module of CDC is not required, nor does it help any student in any way possible."

The Conclusion

Placements are the most important part of a student’s life at IIT KGP. The whole future is decided within a few months. Now that the CDC has taken down the CV Module and has promised to deliver it only when it is rigorously tested and made bug free with all the proposed changes incorporated, we welcome this step taken by the CDC for the benefit of the student community. We thanks all the students who made this survey a great success and we hope CDC would come with the best solution which would make this placement season an unmatched one in the history of KGP.

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