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Need Of Basic Amenities

Posted on March 13, 2018

Being a part of one of the premier institutes of the country, day in and day out we are in pursuit of all-round growth. However, on introspection, it isn’t difficult to find out that we lag in many of our basic amenities requirements and there is a need to fulfil them within time.

Awaaz conducted a survey regarding the basic necessities to present them conjointly. In this survey, the respondents were asked to fill in a form that listed the basic amenities, the places where they felt these amenities are needed. The survey also recorded other amenities which the responders felt were not enlisted. Here are the conclusions derived from the survey.

64% of the students, nearly two out of every three, feel that a cycle repair shop is needed at the Nalanda academic complex. This need is felt due to the absence of any such shop between tikka to Nalanda complex, which is fairly a long distance. Many times students lose keys and face cycle’s chain loosening, tyre punctures and have to carry their cycles all the way to tikka, and sometimes even to tech market. 14% and 8% of the students felt that Vikramshila complex and the main building also needed such shops.

Considering that frequent and sometimes urgent need of stationery may cause problems, more than half of the students (56.2%) feel the need of a proper stationery shop at the Nalanda complex and a fairly large number of 18.2% feels the need for same at Vikramshila. 11% of the students want the same near the main building. Along with this, places such as PAN loop, Mechanical department, and Gymkhana were also voted for the need of stationery shops.

When asked about Xerox shops, a staggering 62% of responses show it's needed in the Nalanda complex. Significant responses of 20% suggested the same at the Vikramshila complex. With most of the study material being fed in digital format, places like gymkhana, pan loop, tikka and the library also need a well-equipped Xerox shop.

Most of the students felt the need of street lights being installed at various busy darker routes of the campus. 25% want the installation to be done along the path between Nalanda and agriculture department while 24% feel the same should be done along the road connecting Jnan Ghosh stadium and TSG, which is a busy pathway even during the night hours. Responses also indicate insufficient streetlights exist at places like PAN loop, library parking, Nalanda cycle shed, Pepsi road and the way to RDC.

Healthy food should be easily accessible within the campus, 21% and 13% of students feel canteens should be opened at Nalanda and the main building respectively. Amongst the halls, 12% for LBS, 6% for MMM and 7% for SN hall feel such canteens are needed. Students spend a fair share of time outside the hall premises during day hours. 41% realized light snacks store and fruit juice corner is needed at Nalanda. 17% and 11% of the students feel the need of juice corner at Jnan Ghosh for being the centre of sports and other physical activities; whereas the same percentage want refreshment stores at main building and library respectively which would save time and energy spent looking for snacks, especially during humid summers. Significant responses of 8% and 10% were in the survey for installing juice corners and light snacks respectively at other places including Vikramshila, HSS department, Tata sports complex, Netaji auditorium and Tikka, shows how essential the need to meet this demand is.

Medical facilities in KGP have always been a matter of concern. One-third of the students feel medical dispensary is required at Nalanda complex, whereas 20%, 12%, and 11% felt the same was needed at the main building, tikka, and gymkhana. Medicines are usually available only at the tech-market which isn’t easily accessible in case of urgent need. Need for medical stores at Jnan Ghosh considering sports first injuries, and at PAN loop and Vikramshila were realized by 11%, 5%, and 5% respectively.

Installation of dustbins is needed as well, as 37% responses feel Nalanda complex should have sufficient dustbins, while 13.5% want the same to be done at Vikramshila and at the Main building each. Almost 4.5% students want dustbins around Jnan Ghosh stadium, Library and along 2.2 pathway each.

Apart from these basic amenities, responses demonstrate a few more necessities such as-:

  • Operational CCTVs at the cycle stand.
  • Toilet near Jnan Ghosh stadium, Tikka, basketball court and PFC.
  • A common room, refreshment room, printing shop and food court at Nalanda complex.
  • ATM at Nalanda complex.
  • Vegetarian bakery shop and Key maker at Tech Market.
  • Trees along the path from MS hall to LLR hall.
  • Water purifier at Jnan Ghosh and Main building.
  • Electronics shop at SAC building.

  • As the results of the survey suggest, there is an urgent need for some of the basic amenities to be met, especially around the academic complexes of Nalanda and Vikramshila. We are optimistic that this analysis would contribute to a systematic beginning, from both students’ community and the administration, towards these needs which although significant, are forgotten in our daily hustle.

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