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In Depth Analysis of 1st Phase

Like every year, the placements of this season saw several records being broken and a few being made. Whether it be 2 crore PPO of Google or record breaking 12 offers from ADOBE, IIT Kharagpur stole the news headlines for the year. Apart from this, non-core companies like Deutsche Bank offered 12 placements setting yet another record. It took only 10 days for the placement count to reach 1100 mark. In the words of Atal Ashutosh Agarwal, Vice President, Gymkhana “It took 20 days to reach 1100 mark last year compared to 10 days in this year’s placement season. The credit of this should go to the increase in the companies coming here to offer placements.”

International Offers

This placement season showered a decent number of international offers on IIT Kharagpur. Topping the list, CBS Techno from Japan recruited the highest number of students. The trend in the graphs shows USA and Japan as the major contributor of international job offering companies in our campus. In fact there is only TSMC from Taiwan besides all the companies from Japan and USA. We hope that these number of companies would extend to a better number in the upcoming years.

Department-Wise Analysis

Continuing the trend of previous years this year too, among the departments, Computer Science and Engineering Department topped the list with 88% and 91% placement in B-Tech and Dual degree respectively which is 2% and 4% lesser than the last year records. This was followed by ECE, EE and CH Department respectively with over 75% placements in each. Four of all the departments: Chemical, Instrumentation, Metallurgy, Electronics have generated more placement in B-Tech course than in the dual degree course. Analysing the M-Tech Degree Placement stats, we see that 5 of 5 students of Reliability Engineering got placed. 92% and 88% students of SIT and Ranbir And Chitragupt School were placed respectively. On the other hand, the placement condition of Masters Of City Planning course of Architecture Department was really pathetic. Of the 34 people registered only 1 could manage to get an offer. Comparing the lowest percentage of placement from the last year in B-Tech course, Naval Architecture and Ocean Engineering Department and Aerospace Engineering Department have almost exchanged their places with 38% and 46% in 2015 respectively and 43% and 31% in 2016.

Comparison between Last Five-Year of Placements

The number of placed student on the first day itself and in the first phase of placement has improved significantly over this five year span. From 2010-11 to 2015-16 total students placed on first day and total students placed in first phase has shown an increment of 56.3% and 40.6% which could be considered as an omen for the upcoming placement years of IIT Kharagpur.

PPO Analysis

One thing about placements that intrigues almost each and every person is the pre-placement offers. PPOs provides a better platform for the improvement of placement percentage of any campus. This year Total 58 companies offered a total of 185 PPOs to the students out of which only 129 offers were accepted.

Company-Wise Analysis

The previous placement season i.e. 2014-15 had seen a larger number of recruits in Flipkart (26) than this year, other companies being almost same as before. Start-ups were a big feature of placements of this year. Rising start-ups like OLA Cab, INSHORTS took place of some big ones. Among the core companies Coal India Limited, with 30 offerings, was at peak. Apart from it companies like EXL Analytics (23), ZS Associates (20), Goldman Sachs (19), Reliance Industries (18), Credit Suisse (17) selected a lot of students. OLA Cabs and Roadrunnr offered 18 and 15 placements respectively. Companies like FLIPKART and ORACLE, that has been centres of attraction for placements also offered 14 and 16 jobs respectively after a hectic selection procedure.

Concluding Remarks

This year placement stats of every IIT were influenced by the Make In India Campaign of Indian Government. Because of this campaign, not only the number of core companies increased but it also embarked enthusiasm for core companies among students. This initiative of Prime Minister Narendra Modi meant that the Institutes gave early slots to core companies over non-core ones. So “Core, not core is the success mantra for placement for this year” as were the words of former CDC Chairman Sudhir Kumar Barai. It’s the first time that a 3rd year Dual Degree student grabbed a PPO from the much reputed core company ITC. First time Core companies from foreign countries like Toyo Engineering of Japan selected a Chemical Engineering student. Talking of IIT Madras, the placement season there saw a heavy setback due to the recent floods in Chennai. There the placements could only start after 21st January onwards. As many as 55% students are placed in the 1st phase of placements there. Coal India and Mahindra were the companies with best offers. Recently we conducted a survey and according to that 30-40% students were satisfied with the placement procedure and 50-60% students were satisfied with the attitude of the members of the placement committee. Most of the students agreed to the fact that members of the placement committee gave their 100% to make the placement procedure of CDC successful. 50% students gave their CGPA the credit of success while 73.3 % believed that their Academic projects helped them get their success. Another 73.3% students believed that being members of Spring Fest, Kshitij and Placement Committee really increased your chances of getting placed. In general the student’s take on placements and things related to it was really optimistic especially the Placement Committee and the gentle behaviour of their members. But there were some human errors due to which some students were denied opportunity to give their interviews to some particular company. Almost everyone believed that pressure and nervousness got better of many students on the day of placement. There are certain flaws in the placement procedure, like different companies given the same time slot and student expected to be present at the time of PPT, which is a burden for everyone. The internet connection also sometimes created problem during the online examinations. But if we ignore few loop holes then on an overall basis the 1st Phase of placement procedure was very satisfactory for the Institute as well as the student committee. Hope this satisfaction level is reached in the forthcoming Phases as well.

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