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Technology Students' Gymkhana Elections 2018-19

Candidate for General Secretary Social and Cultural, Gymkhana


HALL: RK Hall of Residence


My first proposal aims at development of an Official website of ‘Cultural, IIT Kharagpur’. The website will serve as the information dissemination system for all social and cultural activities of IIT Kharagpur.


  1. Social and cultural general championship witnesses’ quality performances from various halls which are worth witnessing but unfortunately General championship suffers from lack of viewership and performances of extraordinary quality in music and dance are witnessed by empty chairs. Hence to give fare justice in terms of viewership to events dissemination of information regarding events calendar and timings beforehand is necessary .
  2. Also the repository of all videos of general championship events is necessary to promote GC participation and strengthening social and cultural societies to improve our inter-IIT standings.


The website will be linked to the existing Gymkhana website. The website will be divided into the following segments:

  • Open IIT and General Championship – List of events with short description, along with detailed rules and regulations. Also results and the schedule will be updated regularly.
  • Inter IIT – It will contain list of all events along with its genres, past Inter IIT records and the Contingent List. Also live updates will be posted of the ongoing Cult Meet.
  • Societies/Clubs – A brief description on the motive and working of every society under the TSG. A list of its student members shall also be incorporated. Also, a blog to be maintained by the society coordinators/governors informing their upcoming events, productions, or selections.
  • Contact Details - Names of the secretaries under the social-cultural subcommittee along with the names of the general-secretaries social-cultural would be mentioned, along with incorporation of a feedback form.

  • These records can further be used by Career development Centre for verification of participation of students in various Social and Cultural activities, and also the involvement in any society/organization.

    The website can also serve the common purpose of Online booking of various venues. A calendar will available displaying the booking status, so no need to visit sections again and again.

    Besides this, the website will also contain the General Championship calendar for the previous academic session which will serve as a reference for this year's General Championship.

    Event information for any specific cup would be updated and maintained by the secretary, gymkhana of the concerned cup. The general-secretaries will ensure that the site is regularly maintained. The site would serve as an extension to the gymkhana website and it would be created by the technology coordinator and his team.

    Impact and Legacy

    It will be my earnest endeavor, if I am elected to the post of General Secretary, Social and Cultural, to coordinate with my team and keep the website fully updated. I am sure, that the talent and the effort showcased, will leave an indelible impression on everyone. The recognition of various accomplishments will encourage more students to be a part of such rich culture, specially freshmen and thus strengthening the social cultural sphere of the campus. The increased visibility will help reveal our multifaceted skill set to the entire world. This will not only add to the glory of our institute and ensure due recognition to the performers it will also set our institute apart from most other institutes across the world attracting students from across the world.


    (Acknowledgement from Mr.Debanjan Nayak, Governor-Technology Dramatics Society, Druheen)

    (Acknowledgement from Mr.Puru Bansal, Governor-Technology Dramatics Society, Pravah)

    (Acknowledgement from Mr.Pukhraj Baraskar, Governor-Technology Dance Society, Breakfree)

    PROPOSAL 2      

    My second proposal focuses on the social aspect by bringing diverse student community of institute under one umbrella through love for sports by live streaming of sporting events in Tagore Open Air Theatre.


    In wake of recent unfortunate events in this prestigious institution, need to socialize student community is well evident and organizations such as Student Welfare Group and Institute Wellness Group are striving hard to bring back balance in student life.

    Various sporting events worldwide which garner significant attention and viewership in the institution through hall common rooms, individual smartphone & computer users and can be a great opportunity to bring out masses from their rooms and to socialize.


    Nail biting experience would be brought to student community through live streaming of events which would be organized twice per semester considering the schedule of matches which can include Olympic games, deciding matches of important competitions in collaboration with organizations such as Student Welfare Group and Institute Wellness Group.

    The basic requirements include:

  • Internet connection which can be brought to the venue by requesting to computer informatics center.
  • Sound and mike system can be rented for the purpose which would cost around INR 5000/-.
  • Projector screen of size 5m x 3.2m which would cost INR 3000 at a rate of INR 180 per square feet (New stage craft enterprises).
  • The projector would be borrowed with permission of academic’s departments of the institution.

  • In the autumn semester when there are chances of rains event can be carried out in Netaji auditorium which itself is equipped with state of art facilities for such events.

    Impact and Legacy

    Celebration of these events at institute level and to form social gatherings which in some way would help the institution to fight against the greater cause of depression, academic pressure

    Considering the response of institute community to such events during its first year their frequency can be increased in upcoming years. As a long-term proposal, the evolving legacy of the event is far-reaching. Once the starting point is passed, the ethos of the weekend can go ahead and become an integral fiber of campus life furthering the strength and capability of the student community as a whole

    PROPOSAL 3      

    My third proposal aims to organize a socio-cultural weekend, with the objective of spreading and preserving the various art forms of India from the different states along with development of overall social sense of responsibility among the student community. Hence, the community of IIT Kharagpur will be provided with opportunities to experience the social and cultural diversity of India in its truest form.


    Cultural Awareness is the foundation of communication and it involves the ability of standing back from ourselves and becoming aware of our cultural values, beliefs and perceptions.

    IIT Kharagpur is renowned as an Institution of excellence due its academic, merit and holistic development of individual personalities. Societies and groups have successfully represented IIT Kharagpur at various platforms. However, it has been recognized that the breadth and quality of the diverse culture of India have not reached a broad audience in the campus.

    To bridge this gap, I propose to organize a socio-cultural weekend, open to all students of IIT Kharagpur, where each student is exposed to a high-quality, well-defined series of performances, exhibitions and guest lectures co-organized by NGOs, cultural organizations, and various state tourism departments.


    The different activities will be divided into four genres, with a series of cultural performances, exhibitions and guest lectures from different genres.

  • Literary genre
  • Dramatics and Dance genre
  • Music Genre
  • Fine Arts and Photography genre

  • This unique weekend will involve conduction of at least two cultural performances, four guest lectures, and two exhibitions. In totality, these will cover the four genres in question.

    The socio-cultural weekend will be held keeping in mind the official schedule of holidays of the Institute while simultaneously maintaining flexibility for the students with respect to their academic requirements.

    The official schedule shall be intimated to the student community prior to the initiation of the socio-cultural weekend.

    Impact and Legacy

    The socio-cultural weekend entails a series of benefits for the student community of IIT Kharagpur. The expanded outreach of cultural activities increases awareness regarding their extent, quality and impact, and hence develops the socio-cultural acumen of students on campus.

    Through the performances, exhibitions and guest lectures, they are given the opportunity to continuously engage with each other and with well-experienced individuals for optimum results of self-improvement and awareness.

    As a long-term proposal, the evolving legacy of the socio-cultural weekend is far-reaching. Once the starting point is passed, the ethos of the weekend can go ahead and become an integral fiber of campus life and excellence, furthering the strength and capability of the student community as a whole.

    Disclaimer: The format and content of all the Proposals are given by the candidates only. No editing has been done by Awaaz.

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