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Technology Students' Gymkhana Elections 2018-19

Candidate for General Secretary Sports and Games, Gymkhana

Shubhram Bhattacharya

DEPARTMENT: Mechanical Engineering
HALL: HJB Hall of Residence

PROPOSAL 1      

Conduction of workshops to improve Nutritional Awareness and Fitness Status of the IIT Kharagpur by collaborating with the Institute of Nutrition and Fitness Sciences(INFS)

Aim of the proposal

  • The primary aim of this program is to improve the overall Health and Fitness status our campus. Lack of proper knowledge about health coupled with the stress of daily life takes a toll on students. Over the years, this could lead to deteriorated health conditions and various medical conditions.
  • A basic introduction to concepts of diet planning, healthy eating, and awareness of fitness options to keep the body in shape will go a long way in helping to deal with future challenges. This will also promote students to imbibe fitness into their daily routines and tackle stress effectively.
  • This program will also specifically focus on the fitness and nutrition of our Inter IIT Sports Contingent. This program will act as an off-season training regime before sports specific training begins for the Inter IIT Sports Meet.
  • These workshops will be conducted in the beginning of the Autumn semester, at the time when outdoor sport specific training is often hampered due to the persistent rains. The Base Training and Conditioning would enhance their fitness, strength and endurance levels, thus improving their sport performance and making them more resistant to injuries at the same time.
  • To enlighten students about the nutrition myths and make them capable of preparing their own diet chart. There would be workshops to educate students about the sports specific diets, catering to their sport, which has been shown to bring enhance their performance.
  • The programme also focuses on teaching the students about proper techniques for using various gym equipment. This would enable students to plan their strength and weight training routine based on individual and sport-specific goals.
  • Present System:

  • There is a lack of focus on the overall fitness and general well-being of the student body of IIT Kharagpur. Students, unless imparted with knowledge, do not really spend time thinking about eating healthy or being physically active.
  • No programme which exclusively focuses on the nutrition and fitness of students in the institute, especially of the Inter IIT Sports Contingent. Such a system would definitely improve the performance of our contingent the Inter IIT Sports Meet by enhancing the fitness of our teams.
  • Need for this program:

  • The Base Training that would be done in this programme, at the start of the season, would ensure that when the Sport Specific training starts, the chances of injury of the players are drastically reduced. As the cases of Injury reduces, the players can focus solely towards the development of their skills and abilities in their respective sports with improved physical fitness and without having to worry about injuries.
  • Workshops and seminars conducted in IIT Madras, IIT Bombay, IIT Gandhinagar and several other reputed universities have shown a positive impact on the lives of the students. Hence, such a program is expected to be successful in IIT Kharagpur as well.
  • Plan of Action:

    A. Seminar for Students and Faculty:

    It is a 2-hour seminar which busts various myths, covers basic information on quantified nutrition, provides an understanding of body type. Information on macronutrients, types of carbohydrates, types of cholesterol, types of sugars found in various food products. A wellness survey conducted before the seminar will provide the institute insight on the aspects related to wellness. The participants can opt to receive their individual score while the Institute authorities will receive a report on the aggregated score for Students and Faculty.

    Seats available for the Seminar: No upper limit.

    B. Workshops for the Students:

    These workshops will help the students to take control of their health and fitness.

    1. Duration of each workshop: 2 days Contact

    Hours: 4.0 hours for each student.

    2. Day 1: 2 hour lecture/Practical (Gym)

    3. Day 2: 2-hour lecture/Practical (Gym)

    2. No. of Students: Unlimited for the Seminar and lectures; Batches of 30 students for the Practical Sessions

    3. Pedagogy: Classroom lectures, group tasks and practical training at the Institute’s Gymnasium; Students will attend in groups of 30 for the practical training sessions.

    Workshop topics:

    Workshops to enhance performance in sports:

    1. Understanding Quantified Nutrition

    Agenda: Participants will clear Nutrition Myths and be able to prepare their own diet chart as per their individual goal.

    2. Basics of Strength Training

    Agenda: Participants will be able to plan their strength training routine based on the individual goal.

    3. Inside the Gymnasium

    Agenda: Participants will get familiar with Gymnasium equipment and learn to do Strength Training exercises following correct form and be taught precautions to reduce chances of injury.

    4. Sports Specific Nutrition and Training Plans

    Agenda: Participants will learn to plan the sport specific Diet and Strength training routine. Workshops 1 and 2 are a prerequisite for this workshop.

    General Well-being Workshops:

    1. Weight Loss Strategies and Body Recomposition.

    Agenda: Participants will know the facts about various weight loss strategies and learn which one should be chosen based on their individual case.

    2. Secrets to Managing Health for Life

    Agenda: Participant will identify techniques to imbibe fitness into their lifestyle. They will also identify various stresses and learn ways to manage it effectively.

    C. Wellness Consultancy Services:

    Following the introductory seminar, the students will have an option to avail individual guidance by consultants of INFS towards their fitness goals for a period of 12 weeks. The consultants will be available for online or phone consultation and provide individualized diet and workout plans

    The timeline of the program would be as follows:

  • This program would start on the weekend after the Induction Program for 1st Year UG students.
  • The Introductory Seminar will be held on Friday, 03 August 2018 evening.
  • Workshop 1 will be held on 04th and 5th August 2018, and the other workshops will be held on subsequent weekends.

  • The workshops will be conducted from 6 pm to 8 pm on Saturday and Sunday.
  • The progress of students will be monitored by physical tests conducted on the participants, before and after the workshops.
  • Budget

    The approximate cost requirements for conducting the workshops would be as follows:

    Cost of an initial overview Seminar= INR 15,000

    Cost of conduction of each workshop= INR 25,000

    Total cost of conduction of the program= INR 1,65,000

    An amount of INR 10,00,000 has been proposed in the Annual Planned Grant 2018-19 to be devoted for Staff and Students Training. The cost for conducting these workshops can be accommodated under this budgetary head.

    PROPOSAL 2      

    Organisation of Para Open IIT Events for the differently-abled students of IIT KHARAGPUR.

    Aim of the proposal:

  • To encourage participation of differently-abled students in the sporting events of IIT Kharagpur.
  • To prepare the student fraternity of IIT Kharagpur for possible events in the future in the Inter IIT Sports Meet for differently-abled people.
  • Present System and the need for this program:

  • Currently, there is no specific platform for differently-abled students to showcase their skills in Sports in IIT Kharagpur. This leads to the feeling of being left out among these students which hampers the sporting culture of this institute.
  • Some other universities have internal organizations which cater to the welfare of the specially-abled people. The implementation of this program by the institute would greatly boost the morale of these students.
  • A proposal was put up to include a Para Powerlifting event in the Inter IIT Sports Meet 2018. However due to issues of accommodation it could not implemented this year. Hence, if this event is introduced in subsequent Inter IT Sports Meets, we will be prepared to put up a competitive performance.
  • How it works:

  • The Sports and Games Committee of the Technology Students Gymkhana would be responsible for conducting this event similar to the other Open IIT Events.
  • The list of specially-abled students can be obtained from the ERP Section. The students would be contacted through e-mail regarding the conduction of these events.
  • Publicity of these events through social media platforms will also be effective.
  • Events to be included:

    An Para Open IIT Events in the sports of:
    Power Lifting
    Table Tennis


    The cost would include:

    Printing of posters to be put up in halls for publicity: INR 3000

    Disclaimer: The format and content of all the Proposals are given by the candidates only. No editing has been done by Awaaz.

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