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Technology Students' Gymkhana Elections 2018-19

Candidate for General Secretary Technology, Gymkhana

Mogillapalle Sai Rakesh

HALL: JCB Hall of Residence

PROPOSAL 1      

Proposal: Introducing a new society called Hyperloop Society


To make IIT Kharagpur Student populace aware of the Hyperloop technology.


I have consulted the students who are working on Hyperloop technology about its feasibility and various other aspects.


The amount of fuel consumption versus the travelling time and passenger satisfaction is not justified in an air travel. The Hyperloop transportation system has the potential to offer both shorter travel times and lower ticket costs for short-haul routes.


The hyperloop concept,like most transforming innovations, is not an elaboration on existing technologies, it is a comprehensive new system, highly integrated transportation utility. There is no precedent that exists for this new transportation system like station design, right-of-way, capsule movement along the tracks, or even how to address safety regulations.

Plan of Work:


  • Comparative study of all the possible levitation mechanisms( air bearings, linear magnetic levitation and rotary magnetic levitation) to be done and develop a scalable, most efficient levitating system
  • Detailed numerical analysis, 3D simulation and physical modelling will be done and making a small real-life model to test calculations.

  • Comparative study of the propulsion techniques (Linear Magnetic Induction, Air propulsion through compressors and electric propulsion using turbo machineries) will be carried out and develop novel propulsion system which is least energy demanding and achieves desired acceleration.
  • Detailed numerical analysis, 3D simulation and physical modelling will be done and making a small real-life model to test calculations.

  • Deciding the type of chassis structure to be used(Space Frame, multi-tube, ladder frame, Monocoque, Unibody) based on their pros and cons and finalizing the specifications based on regulatory and other design constraints and net payload requirements.
  • Identifying all the primary and secondary special equipments to be upfitted to the chassis and noting their weight and space requirements.
  • Design a 3D-CAD model of the chassis keeping in mind the completed pod performance data, CG position and spacing required for various subsystems.

  • Comparative study of the braking techniques (Eddy Current Braking, Air Braking, pneumatic braking) in addition to emergency friction braking will be carried out and fixed after validation.
  • Implement electromagnetic braking that will be used to regenerate energy
  • Detailed numerical analysis, 3D simulation and physical modelling will be done and making a small real-life model to test calculations.

  • Need for suspension: To take into account discontinuity at tube junction which lead to jerks.
  • Comparative study of suspension technologies (Magnetic Strut Suspension,Air Suspension) will be carried out and fixed after validation.
  • Ride Frequency->Mounting Points->Suspension Geometry->Iterations.

  • A study on on-board compressors shall be conducted to understand the challenges involved in implementation of air-bearings for levitation.
  • Kantrowitz Limit considerations for both full scale and scaled version to decide pod dimensions.
  • Trajectory estimation based on thrust and drag curves to predict break point.
  • SUBSYSTEM - BMS(Battery Management System)

  • Finalise the battery pack (Types and number of cells in series and parallel).
  • Isolating the battery from vibrations and other physical disturbances.

  • Finding out the necessary vehicle parameters and writing the equations of motion.
  • Modelling the system in SIMULINK(MATLAB) and finding the parameters of the microcontroller.
  • PROPOSAL 2      

    Proposal: ​I propose to conduct Workshops in Kascade, the nation-wide regionals organized during the month of October.


    Started in 2004, Kshitij was conceived with the aim to provide the technically inclined youth a national-level platform, where their talent and expertise would be recognized and rewarded.Having grown exponentially since its nascent years, Kshitij receives overwhelming participation from the student community all over the world.
    In line with this motto, by conducting workshops in different regions of India in Kascade, we will be to able to provide the participants hand-on experience and enhance their technical skills.


    1. The core team members along with the Kshitij campus affiliates will be conducting the workshop along with the events which are held during the kascade.
    2. Tech-giants like Nvidia, IBM, Microsoft, Jaguar, and Google have associated with Kshitij in the past, sponsoring different events and conducting workshops during the festival in IIT Kharagpur. In this edition we will organize workshops by these tech giants in Kascade.
    3. The expenditure of the workshop will be covered by obtaining local sponsorship in the different regions, where Kascade is being held.


    1. Kascade will be conducted in different cities in India. ( Probable: Hyderabad, Vishakapatnam, Lucknow, Indore, Raipur)
    2. Events which will be conducted in kascade are Source-Code, Anadigix, Nightshift and Math olympiad.
    3. In Kascade, the prelims of the event along with the workshop would be conducted.
    4. The details of the workshops would be publicised through the social media platforms of Kshitij and through media articles in leading newspapers.

    PROPOSAL 3      

    Proposal:To get the events in Open IIT under Technology genre, sponsored.


    To increase the participation in Open IIT events, and hence work towards the upliftment of technological culture in our institute. By sponsoring events we can introduce various new innovative events under technology genre. An increase in participation in Open IIT tech events would further lead to increase in participation in Inter IIT tech events which would further lead to betterment of technological culture.


    1. We will be contacting the startups and the corporates for the Problem Statement and sponsorship for the Open IIT.
    2. The Certificate of Achievement will carry the logo of these companies which will add value to them, this will increase the participation of the students in the different events.
    3. We will also be contacting organizations which are related to the events for association.
    4. We will be contacting firms for partnership in various events.


    Secretaries of Technology Students’ Gymkhana, which come under technology genre will be allotted various events, for which they need to contact corporates for association and sponsorship.

    Disclaimer: The format and content of all the Proposals are given by the candidates only. No editing has been done by Awaaz.

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