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Technology Students' Gymkhana Elections 2018-19

Candidate for General Secretary Sports and Games, Gymkhana

Raghav Agarwal

DEPARTMENT: Geology and Geophysics
HALL: Patel Hall of Residence

PROPOSAL 1 Sportshub      


I propose to set up an online sports portal with the ulterior vision of improving the sports culture, by being more inclusive of budding sports enthusiasts in the college, by centralizing all sports related information and channeling it to the students, and by creating more transparent interfaces between players and authorities. The different aspects of the portal will cater to most of the needs of sports enthusiasts, these aspects being:


1. Player Profile:

Currently it is cumbersome for a new sports enthusiast to get information about (inter IIT) players and personnels related to the sports. Under this section of the website the contact information of all players and coaches for various sports at Inter IIT and Inter hall levels will be provided facilitating access for new players. A spreadsheet containing details of the Inter IIT Players’ abilities, achievements (participation/ merit certificates) and strong suits (eg. strong backhand, strong on the leg side.) can be maintained on the website.

2. Inventory and Accounting Portal

The facilities and equipments available for all the sports will be listed and updated here. Along with this information will also be provided for purchase date for existing equipments and expected date of arrival of new equipments. The expected lifespan of existing equipments shall also be displayed (so that the expected renewal date of equipments could be known).

Requests for new equipments, could be made on the portal. This would also display the links to the purchase of the equipment on popular e-commerce websites.

To foster accountability, the passed budget, and currently exhausted budget for all sports will be displayed. All the incurred expenses and their respective bills need to be uploaded by secretaries of various sports.

3. Grievance portal:

Players will be able to raise their problems on this platform. These problems may include irregularity of team coaches and officials, lack or lag in prescribed resources, academic schedule clashes, or any other frequently occurring injuries in particular sports.

4. Application information:

Registration form for various activities of Gymkhana like gymnasium, billiards for which, at present, you need to be physically present at the gymkhana, will be made available online. Also, applications for participating in outstation tournaments, will be accepted through the portal. Along with this, NSO registrations forms would also be made available online. The slots for sports will also be updated online.

5. Notifications:

Currently most information is disseminated through facebook pages but these notifications are sometimes easily overlooked owing to the other notifications on facebook hence notification channels will be maintained.

There would be two types of channels:

A general channel: This thread will give information regarding upcoming activities of all the sports. This includes workshops, trials, tournaments and friendly matches.

Individual channels for all sports: These threads are available so that a person interested only in a certain sport will get information regarding that only.

Individuals could subscribe to these threads through browser or through mails.

6. Alumni Portal:

It will provide a platform for the students to connect to the alumni who were themselves involved in various sports activities during their stay in the campus. It can be used to learn about their experiences, promote sports culture in our institute, motivate new players.


1. The preprocessing and data collection will be completed in the first month of Summer holidays.

2. The portal will be up and ready before the commencement of the new academic session.


No budget allocated as website development could be done by students and hosting by Computer Informatics Centre (CIC).

Volunteering students will be awarded certificates by the Gymkhana for their contribution in setting up the portal.

Benefits and Impacts

1. To solve the problem of lack of interaction of new sports enthusiasts with existing player the portal will facilitate one-on-one interaction between the two. The new students who are thinking of joining that particular sport can interact with other

2. The problem faced at present by the students is that they are unaware of the sports equipment inventories and respective budgets due to lack of transparency. This portal will provide a direct and easy access to all such data and records.The inventory list is currently available with the storekeeper of Gymkhana and students of IIT kharagpur should know the availability of the equipments and also the various budgets that are allocated to the various sub committees. The portal shall make the already existing system more transparent.

3. Currently the process of applying for different sports facilities under the purview of Gymkhana is cumbersome as sometimes we have witnessed long queues outside the Gymkhana office. An example being the form and booking a slot for the Gymnasium. The portal will eliminate these constraints by making the form available and the payment to the gymkhana account can be made online and the availability of slots shall also be regularly updated on an hourly basis so that students know the slots available and do not have to come to the office to check the availability.

PROPOSAL 2 Seminars      


I propose to conduct introductory seminars for students of the UG, PG, and RS programme separately. This is aimed at introducing the freshers from all academic programs to the brilliant sports culture at IIT Kharagpur,increasing the number of women opting for sporting activities on and off campus, and including more PG and RS students, increasing whose participation will lead to an increase in sporting excellence.


The specific targets to be achieved are:

1. To introduce the freshers to a healthy sporting environment and giving them a feasible and attractive compliment to their academics.

2. Similar seminars on a smaller scale have till now been effective only in the UG students, by expanding the scope of these seminars we ensure that no potential sportsperson on campus is left unaware of the sporting culture of the campus.

3. PG and RS students consist of almost 40% of the total student fraternity on campus, yet they make only 10% of the Inter IIT Sports Meet contingent with the freshers comprising of even less than 10%. This move will tackle the sparse participation of PG and RS student, especially freshers.

4. To conduct sport specific small introductory seminars in the common rooms of the women's halls so as to encourage more women participation.

5. To promote the participation of women in the sporting fraternity. Women’s General Championships for academic session 2017-18 was cancelled owing to the lack of participation of women. By pushing for different tournaments for women in the sports like cricket, football and squash.We aim to include more women in the field. These competitions are currently not available to the women and therefore create barriers for women sports’ enthusiasts from entering the field.


1. All the seminars will conducted within mid July to mid August.

2. All the tournaments will be a part of Women’s week.


Cost for conducting the introductory seminars

For 3 Sports: Around 5000 per sports

Total: INR 15000

(Costs have according to this year's Gymkhana sports budget)

Benefits and Impacts:

1. The problem that the PG and RS students face today is that they don’t feel as involved in KGP community. The solution to this problem can be brought about by bridging these gaps by providing insights to the rich sporting heritage of IIT Kharagpur. Sports could become a uniting factor for all the students regardless of their academic program.

2. One of the most alarming problem that the sports fraternity faces today is a lack of female participation. A lot of sports currently lack women specific tournaments which is a major cause of this problem. By this proposal not only do we solve the problem of a lack of competition but also increase the number of female players.



I propose the installation of basic gym equipment at the venues of all sporting events in campus, with an aim to provide for the fitness facilities required for comprehensive practice sessions at the respective sporting venues. In addition to this, I propose for appointment of physiotherapists specializing in sports, to oversee any and all medical issues related to the sports.

As of now, sporting venues like the tennis court and the basketball court, among others, are lacking in the basic, common gym facilities that players require for a comprehensive development of their physical skills, in addition to regular practice. Thus, I propose the installation of the same, which includes, among other equipment, bench presses and dumbbells, at all sporting venues, including, but not limited to, the tennis court, the basketball court and the Tata Sports Complex.

Athletes normally require high level performance and demand placed upon their body, which stresses their muscles, joints and bones to the limit. Sports injuries are different from normal injuries and must be tackled accordingly. Currently, there is a lack of physiotherapists specially trained to tackle injuries and issues that stem from sports. The need for these physiotherapists is immediate and immense. Thus, I propose the establishment of medical facilities specifically designed to cater to sports, and to this effect, the hiring of medical staff on a temporary basis (as per the needs), properly trained in sports medicine and health.


The gym equipment shall consist of the following:

1. Bench presses and squat racks, to aid in effective upper and lower body training.

2. A complete set of dumbbells, with a variety of weights, which are an absolute necessity for any fitness regime.

The physiotherapists hired will be specialists in the field of sports physiotherapy, dealing with injuries and issues related to sports people. Each sports physiotherapist will have sport-specific knowledge that addresses acute, chronic and overuse injuries. These individuals will have experience and knowledge of the latest evidence-based practice, skilled assessment and diagnosis of sports injuries, and use effective 'hands-on' management techniques and exercise protocols to assist recovery and prevent injury.

Benefits and Impacts:

Benefits of the establishment of gym facilities include:

1. This initiative shall lead to the availability of proper training equipment at every sporting venue, which shall lead to an improved training regime in every sport.

2. A comprehensive training regime at the sports venue itself would imply that there would be minimal wastage of time in training elsewhere.

3. Since the training regimes would be available at close proximity to the venues for regular practice, this initiative will ensure that equipment training and strength building exercises occur as regularly as normal practice, for all players involved in the sport.

There shall be a three-fold benefit to the sporting culture of Kharagpur, and its athletes:

1. The physiotherapists shall help the athletes improve their body toughness and robustness. This shall lead to the enhancement of physical strength of the athletes.

2. The physiotherapists shall be able to suggest personalized training and relaxation regimes, thereby serving all manners of sportspeople according to their specific needs. This personalized approach to training routine design shall help in the prevention of injuries while training.

3.For any accidents or injuries that might occur, these specialized physiotherapists will be able to ensure speedy recovery and prevent any further complications.


1. We propose to employ the physiotherapists for the duration of the inter IIT practice, held in the month of December.

2. Tentatively, the physiotherapists shall be brought in in the Starting of December, that is, on 01/12/2018, for a period of 25 days.


Gym Equipment:

  • Venue: Basketball Court
  • Bench press: INR 3,000
  • Dumbbell set: INR 1,200
  • Venue: Volleyball Court
  • Bench press: INR 3,000
  • Dumbbell Set: INR 1,200
  • Venue: Tata Sports Complex
  • Bench Press: INR 3,000
  • Dumbbell Set: INR 1,200
  • Total: 12,600

    (Prices have been taken from Amazon India)

    Sports Physiotherapists :

  • Per Day Fee: 3,000 for 25 days = INR 75,000
  • Accommodation (Technology Guesthouse): 500 for 25 days = INR 12,500
  • Medicine: As suggested by the physiotherapists- INR 10,000(Approximate)
  • Travelling Allowance: INR 2,000
  • Equipment: Miscellaneous- INR 10,000
  • Total: INR 1,09,500


    The proposal has been discussed with, and approved by, all physical training instructors, the sports officer in charge, various inter IIT sports persons, and present and past Gymkhana office bearers.

    The cost for establishment of gym equipment at the three venues has been discussed with, and approved by Mr Tapan.

    For physiotherapy, we contacted Shape and Strength Clinic, Bhawanipore, Kolkata, and Tribeca Clinic, Salt Lake, Kolkata and they are willing to associate with our institute to bring this initiative to fruition.

    Disclaimer: The format and content of all the Proposals are given by the candidates only. No editing has been done by Awaaz.

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