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Technology Students' Gymkhana Elections 2018-19

Candidate for General Secretary Sports and Games, Gymkhana

Piyush Agrawal

DEPARTMENT: Humanities and Social Sciences
HALL: RK Hall of Residence

PROPOSAL 1      

To introduce various measures to increase outreach of sports and the involvement of students through incentives.

  • Display board for honouring achievers, updates regarding activities of Technology Students' Gymkhana and watching crucial live international matches and Captain's Honour board.
  • Publication of E-newsletter covering the Sports & Games, Technology and Social and cultural activities of our institute.
  • Aim of the program:

  • Providing recognition and incentive to the students and players to actively continue sports practice.
  • Spreading awareness of the inter iit practice and importance of the inter iit general championship.
  • Creation of an information dissemination system for sports and games.
  • Need of such program:

    There is a need for active reporting in sports and to change the perspective towards sports in the campus. Despite various media bodies and official platforms for publicizing the sports events there is a need for a central platform for information dissemination. Currently no platform provides a complete and collective informations for sports and games events thus only few students are being informed. Also there is no repository for the sports and games events.

    1. Publication of Sports E-newsletter


    This E-newsletter will comprise of :

  • Details of upcoming events, fixtures of open iit, fresher's and Inter Hall general championship, inter-iit.
  • Regular gymkhana updates like minutes of subcommittee meetings and gymkhana proposals
  • Regular interviews with office bearers and captains of inter iit and notable alumni of IIT KGP.
  • Player of the month, detailed results of tournaments and events held before the release of the newsletter.
  • Timeline:

    The e-newsletter will be released 3 times a semester i.e one at the start of the semester, and others before mid-semester and end-semester examinations. The e-newsletter will be released through the Facebook page of Technology Students Gymkhana. It will be circulated through erp mail and official mails of students.

    2. Display board for honouring achievers, real time information and watching crucial live international matches and installation of the Captain's Honour board.


    A digital display board will be installed on the outside wall of badminton court in the Technology Students' Gymkhana. The board will be of 3mtr*2mtr in size and will be controlled wirelessly. The board will host the names and photos of achievers across all genres for a period of month and this will be updated once in a month. Also the results and photos of various competitions, Inter-IIT and Inter-hall General Championship across all the genres will be shown in the same. Also the digital board will host crucial live International matches of different sports to motivate student community for social gatherings.

    Also each sports and games will have a Captain's Honour board installed in the grounds and rooms of the respective sports and games which will hold the names of Inter-IIT Captain's name in it. This will motivate students for regular practice sessions and create a healthy competition amongst the players.


    1) Digital Display board:

    Rs.20,000/square meter.--- Rs.20,000*6 square feet= Rs.1,20,000/-

    2. Wireless connection equipment:


    3. Installation and Maintenance:

    Installation Rs.10,000/-

    Maintenance Rs. 5,000/-per month.

    Total cost for Installation: Rs.1,60,000/-

    PROPOSAL 2      

    To increase the student participation and interest towards sports & games activities through

  • Organization of recreational activities for students of IIT Kharagpur to motivate new students and bring the populus together through Sports.
  • Building an Obstacle course of around 5-10 stations with an aim to inculcate team spirit and basic fitness components placed on the designated circuit.
  • Aim of the program:

  • With more people keeping themselves confined to their rooms, these fun activities aim to bring students community together regularly by participating in different events of their interests
  • Obstacle course would be a first of its kind among all IITs and would be a perfect setup for the fitness training of different kind than previously experienced by various sport loving people on campus.
  • Need of such program:

    With the continuous effort made by institute across the year to bring out more students from room and make life less stressful, this plethora of activities of different kinds is part through which sport can and should help in the efforts of institute. Different events give opportunity to students to go and participate in the event they are interested in and have some fun time along with some physical activity. Obstacle course would provide a one more step on ladder towards Fitness that every KGPian sports person seeks. Also there was no such parameter for sports people to check one's fitness and strength and these could be a solution to the problem with time checks to judge one’s fitness and scope of improvements.

    1. Organize recreational activities for students of IIT Kharagpur


    The events included in these recreational activities are Boxing Bags, Kabaddi, Skate-a-thon, Marathon, Archery, Bridge, Carrom, Sports Quiz and more events will be added depending upon the response of the students community. The events will be organised besides Technology Students’ Gymkhana and on the road of 2.2. The events such as Archery and Boxing Bags will be organised in collaboration with Technology Adventure Society and the event of Sports Quiz can be conducted with the help of Quiz Club of IIT Kharagpur.


    The events will be organised in groups of 3 or more depending on the participation of students and will be organised on 2 days of a month. The information of these events will be posted in the newsletter and also from the page of Technology Students' Gymkhana and IIT Kgp Sports page.

    2. Obstacle course of around 5-10 stations with an aim to inculcate team spirit and basic fitness components placed on the designated circuit​.


    The obstacle course will have following stations

    1. Wall Climb, 2. Cargonet Crossover, 3. Ladder climb, 4. Monkey bars, 5. Rope climb, 6. Rope Scramble, 7. Tunnel Crawl, 8. Over under, 9. Tire chase, 10. Tire flip, 11. Balance Beam

    The location of this Obstacle course will be around Jnan Ghosh Stadium. Proper fencing will be done around the track and will be open 24*7.


    Each of the obstacle station is wood or polycarbonate based and will cost around Rs.10,000-Rs.15,000/- covering the installations of wired fence.

    PROPOSAL 3      

    To improve the performance of Inter-IIT sports contingent by

  • Creating a database for all inter-iit players including their past injuries and ensuring regular checkups.
  • Recruiting physiotherapist for the duration of Inter-IIT camp and other events for improving fitness of players.
  • Aim of the program

  • To have complete information about the Inter-IIT squad, which would help in providing the effective resources to the respective players. Also the recruitment of a physiotherapist, would help to cater to the medical needs of the players.
  • 1. Creating a database for all inter-iit players including their past injuries and ensuring regular checkups.


    Each of the Secretary, Subcommittee will keep a track of all the Inter-IIT players and create a database including past injuries at the start of the year which will ensure proper planning and training of the contingent. Also regular checkups for the injured player will be ensured for a proper recovery and thus improve the performance of the teams.

    2. Recruiting physiotherapist for the duration of Inter-IIT camp and events for improving fitness of players.


    A temporary physiotherapist will be recruited for the duration of Inter-IIT camp and will accompany the contingent in the Inter-IIT meet ensuring the health of the contingent for a better performance. The food and accomodation for the physiotherapist will be provided by the Technology Students' Gymkhana for the duration of his/her stay at campus.


    1) Food:-

    Rs.100/day --- Rs.100*2 months= Rs. 6000/-

    2) Accomodation (In guest room of any hall of residence):-

    Rs.3000/month ----- Rs.3000*2 months = Rs.6000/-

    Total expenses:-Rs.12000/year. (Excluding the variable salary of the physiotherapist)

    Disclaimer: The format and content of all the Proposals are given by the candidates only. No editing has been done by Awaaz.

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