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Technology Students' Gymkhana Elections 2018-19

Candidate for General Secretary Social and Cultural, Gymkhana


HALL: Azad Hall of Residence


I propose to introduce a Creative Conclave, a programme to motivate students towards visual arts and promote career options in these.


Being a Technical Institute, ample opportunities exist for the students to develop and pursue careers in technical fields, but very few avenues remain for them to pursue their creative talents. There are many students in campus who find their interests inclined towards visual and performing arts but couldn’t pursue them seriously due to the lack of guidance and lot of struggle. There exists a great necessity for these budding artists to be able to portray their talents and progress in this as career fields.

The Creative Conclave aims to provide these opportunities and the necessary motivation for the students to explore and master the fields of visual and performing arts. This would create a platform for them to portray, pursue and excel in their chosen field through proper guidance of those who already have stable grounds in these fields


The implementation of this proposal would be carried out in the following manner.

  • Contacts would be established with the Alumni, who have made a career path out of their interests in visual and performing arts, in collaboration with the Students’ Alumni Cell.
  • In order to disseminate knowledge, insight and motivation to the interested students in specified fields, Webinars and Workshops would be conducted as per the schedule planned according to mutual consent.
  • Webinars: The Alumni would motivate students and provide insight into the creative fields as career options. Their struggle would seed inspiration to those who are willing to pursue these options.
  • Workshops: The Alumni would extend hands of guidance via workshops on the various aspects of the art, instructing the enthusiasts on the intricacies of the field.
  • The students interested in a specific career field can interact with the respective Alumnus to pursue voluntary work with them, in order to explore the field of their choice. The Alumnus would also recruit interns to work with them based on the response from the workshop.
  • Benefits:

  • The Creative Conclave would stand up to fulfil the void that exists due to the lack of guidance and proper platform for people interested in pursuing the fields of art in long terms.
  • The Webinars and Workshops would encourage people to break the shackles of lack of knowledge in the fields of art and explore them under excellent guidance.
  • The Conclave would bring together Alumni dispersed in the world of creative arts who want to remain connected to the Institute but are unable to do so.
  • Annexure 1:

    Various Alumni of this Institute have established grounds in various fields of art and are doing excellent in them. Moreover, Alumni are interested, as positive response were received from the alumni, viz. Mr. Prabal Mallick (Professional in the field of Painting), Mr. Ashay Gangwar (Co-founder, Camera and Shorts) to extend their hands of help to the interested students and nurture them so as to pursue their interests on a long term basis. The General Secretary, Students’ Alumni Cell, Mr. Bharat Chandra, was contacted with regards to the implementation of the proposal and he was positive in response to it.

    Annexure 2:

    The funds would be required to arrange the fooding and lodging of the Alumni to the Institute as well as the Audio Visual arrangements for the Workshop and Webinars.

  • Fooding and Lodging: INR 10,000
  • Audio-Visual Setup: INR 5,000

  • PROPOSAL 2      

    I propose to buy the entire lights and sounds setup required in the conduction of various year round General Championship events, Open IIT events, Spring Fest events and other Society activities.


    The setup would mainly include:

  • 2 Follow Spots
  • 3 Baby lights
  • LED Setup
  • DMX Setup
  • Monitors and Sound console
  • Miscellaneous

  • Here are listed some of the major events that use the entire setup:

  • Dramatics
  • Choreography
  • Groups
  • Vocals
  • Instrumentals
  • Society Productions
  • Spring Fest performances and events
  • Need:

    Currently, we have been hiring all the above equipments from local vendors on a per-event contract basis which is costing us a huge amount on an annual basis. A one-time investment of buying this setup would prove extremely beneficial in the long run.

    Annexure 1:

    I have contacted the current dramatics secretary & entertainment secretary, the Pronites Coordinator of Spring Fest 2018 and a number of Society Governors. All of them have expressed their approval of the idea and are in support of implementing the same at the earliest.

    Annexure 2:

    Cost Analysis

    Current Expenditure Estimates:

    General Championships – INR 1,56,000
    Open IIT – INR 36,000
    Society Activities – INR 72,000
    Spring Fest – INR 2,16,000

    Estimated Cost of Setup:

  • DMX Setup – INR 15,000
  • Follow Spots – INR 5,000
  • LED Setup – INR 15,000
  • Baby Lights – INR 5,000
  • Monitors and Sound Console – INR 1,15,000
  • Miscellaneous – INR 50,000

  • Annual Maintenance – INR 15,000.

    PROPOSAL 3      

    I propose to introduce an event in Open IIT namely - Mono Acting.


    Spring Fest’s mono acting competition namely I Me Myself witnesses a huge amount of participation every year, thus introducing an Open IIT event on the same lines would be highly in favour of the student community’s interests. Moreover, the event was also a part of Inter IIT Cultural Meet GC and hence there is a need to promote this with a suitable platform to entire student community.

    Rules and Regulations for Mono Acting:

  • This is an individual event.
  • Apart from the participant performing on stage, there can be a maximum of 2 assistants (for lights and sounds, if required)
  • Time limit: 4 minutes + 2 minutes (stage setup)
  • The act can be in English or Hindi or both. The participant can perform mime as well.
  • Props are allowed but shall hold no significance in scoring.
  • Participants are expected to bring their own music on CD or pen drive for the act.
  • Recorded vocals are not allowed, only instrumental music is allowed.
  • Obscenity is left to the judge's discretion.
  • Annexure 1:

    We have contacted Mr.Rachit Madhukar and Mr.Kacho Sohrab Khan, who represented IIT Kharagpur in the Mono Acting event conducted in Inter IIT Cultural Meet 2017 and they have supported the idea of introducing this event as an Open IIT competition and also expressed their willingness to take part in the same.

    Annexure 2:

    Budget of Mono Acting:

  • AV Cell charges : Rs.
  • Travelling charges for Judge : Rs. 600
  • Refreshments : Rs.200 - Rs.300

  • PROPOSAL 4      

    I propose to start a Youtube channel and an online coffee table book for improving the visibility and enthusiasm for the GC so-cult events.


    The Youtube channel would have all the performance by all the halls of residence which would ensure that everyone can watch these events at their convenience.

    Also, the coffee table book would have all the memorable moments of these events so that participants can preserve their memories with this book.


    Most of the people, mainly 1st years, remain unaware about the Open IIT and General Championship Events. Hence, there’s a need for publicizing the event, to ensure proper participation. Also, there are lots of people who are not able to attend the events. So keeping preserves in the form of video recordings would increase the visibility of the GC so-cult events.


    The already existing photography secretaries of various halls of residence and the Photography Secretaries of Technology Students’ Gymkhana would be responsible for the coverage of the events and uploading it on various social media platforms.

    Annexure 1:

    This is one of the prominent suggestions from various General Secretaries Social and Cultural of various Halls of Residence. They believe the efforts and the hard work involved in participation in General Championship events is going largely unnoticed. Hence, they have expressed their desire for implementation of this proposal.

    Disclaimer: The format and content of all the Proposals are given by the candidates only. No editing has been done by Awaaz.

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