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Technology Students' Gymkhana Elections 2018-19

Candidate for General Secretary Sports and Games, Gymkhana

Akash Bhardwaj

DEPARTMENT: Geology and Geophysics
HALL: MS Hall of Residence

PROPOSAL 1      

I propose to bring reforms in NSO activities in the institute for the betterment of the sporting culture and the students in the institute.

I conducted a survey among 93 second year students and 115 first year students from NSO Health and Fitness and asked them a few questions, here is what they answered:

Question 1 - Have you been involved in any of the sports during your 1st year at IITKGP?

Question 2 - Do you feel yourself to be capable enough to be a part of NSO Sports and Games?

Question 3 - Do you wish to have fresh NSO Trials at the start of 2nd year?

Current Scenario:

NSO Sports has the potential to serve as a springboard for the students capable of getting into the inter IIT sports meet contingent. Unfortunately it has not been utilized in the best possible way by the students and certain reforms are needed in this regard.

  • NSO trials are conducted only for the 1st years during the start of autumn semester.Problems related to this are:
  • 1. Most of the students are usually disconnected from sports for the past 2 to 3 years because of intense studying for JEE.Because of their lack of practice, their talents are not reflected properly in the NSO sports trials.

    2. Only after 1 week of the start of academic session,they are unable to settle into life in IIT Kharagpur.Hence,many students miss the NSO trials because of lack of awareness or not being able to spare time due to the hectic first week.

  • Many NSO Health and Fitness students among the 1st and 2nd years believe that they have the potential to be a part of NSO sports.
  • Low Attendance of students in NSO sports due to the following reasons:

  • 1. Lack of motivation among students to attend NSO sports activities.

    2. Lack of proper attention and opportunities given to the students of NSO sports due to Inter IIT practice at the same time.

    What I propose and its benefits:

  • A fresh NSO sports trial for all 2nd year students enrolled in NSO Sports and NSO Health and Fitness. The trials will be conducted at the start of the autumn semester after the arrival of the 2nd year students and before the arrival of 1st year students.
  • Tentative Dates for the academic session 2018-2019:

    Arrival of 1st years- 23/7/2018

    Arrival of all others- 17/7/2018

    Tentative dates for trials- 20/7/2018-22/7/2018

    Benefits of this program:

    1. This way the position of a student in NSO Sports will not be guaranteed.He will have to practice and attend NSO sports classes to retain his position.

    2. This will give a second opportunity for the students of NSO Health and Fitness, who have improved in their respective sport in the past 1 year or were unlucky during the NSO trials in the 1st year.

    3. It will also act as a motivation for the students who are not satisfied with NSO Health and Fitness to get involved into sports and work hard in order to get into NSO sports.

    4. As some students(who are already a part of NSO sports) take up different sports which they like after coming to IIT KGP or has better talents in other sports,it can serve them as an opportunity to switch into that NSO sports team.

  • An extra slot for NSO sports activity in the weekend which does not coincide with the Inter IIT practice,hence dedicated only for NSO sports students. Timing will be decided in consultation with the respective PTIs. Benefits of this:
  • 1. The sports facilities like ground and other equipments will exclusively be available for NSO sports students.

    2. The students can get the complete attention of the PTIs which will help improve their technique,build confidence and feel motivated to attend the session.

    3. We can have practice matches involving only the NSO sports students of that sport in this time slot.This will help in development of competitive spirit and enthusiasm among the students to be the best of the lot.

    4. This will help the PTIs to scout the players who have the potential to be a part of Inter IIT team and they can be separately motivated to join the Inter IIT practice by the captains and the PTIs.

    5. The achievements of students in the respective intra NSO sport matches to be highlighted among the students so that they get an additional motivation to perform better.


    This reform will improve the scenario of NSO drastically and provide students a lot of opportunities and zeal to practice harder and aim for the best.

    PROPOSAL 2      

    I propose to change the current system of documentation of records and work for the digitalization of Gymkhana records and the day to day activities under sports and games.

    Current Scenario:

  • All the data is currently recorded offline and a lot of it is handwritten.
  • The records are maintained in files and no digital documentation is done.
  • It becomes difficult to find previous records if required.
  • The files are not properly maintained and need to be organised.
  • What I have planned to do:

    Digital recording of data henceforth by maintaining a database with every possible record. (eg- Minutes of meetings, budgets, Inter-Hall/Inter-IIT performances,Awards,etc.)


  • This would help in organisation of data in Gymkhana and help in proper execution of processes.
  • Proper documentation would definitely help in recognising the achievements by the alumni and would help the people know more about them.
  • Having the database of old data can be useful in judging and examining the level of the current performance of the players.
  • Managing the work would become easy and future office bearers will have ease in understanding the work processes which would result into less time getting wasted and would improve productivity.
  • Conclusion:

    This would develop a proper management system in the gymkhana and would ensure transparency in the Gymkhana processes.

    PROPOSAL 3      

    Organizing a separate seminar and workshop cum tournament for Post Graduate and Research Scholars students. Also to schedule extra inter iit practice slots during their favourable time slots (eg- in the morning).

    Current Scenario:

  • Many PG students and most of the research scholars in our institute are unaware of the sporting facilities that Technology Students Gymkhana provides to the students.
  • They lack proper information about the location of grounds and courts for various sports.
  • They believe that the sporting facilities in our institute are for undergraduate students only.
  • They are very talented and experienced in various sports but their talents are not being utilized properly.
  • They are not able to come for inter iit practice as their academic involvement including the lab timings usually coincide with the inter iit practice.
  • What I have planned to do:

  • An introductory seminar in the first month of the autumn semester exclusively for PG and RS students making them aware of all the sports activities,the location of the grounds,inter iit practice,inter iit sports meet,gymkhana awards etc. in all the hall of residences where PG and RS students are present in coordination with the General Secretary Sports of that hall.Also involving small lectures from the inter iit players from PG and RS only.
  • Have a workshop cum competition for the Postgraduate students and Research scholars to scout the good players who have a potential of getting into the inter IIT team.
  • Have a meeting of all the selected and interested players with respective PTIs,sports captains and secretaries to encourage them to improve the team with their abilities and experience.Also,the meeting will be aimed at devising a practice time suitable for them.
  • Benefits :

  • To help PG and RS students feel more associated with the undergraduate students and making them realize that the facilities of this institute are for everyone.
  • Increase in awareness about sporting activities at IIT Kharagpur and hence drastic improvement in their involvement in different sports.
  • To make the inter iit contingent even stronger by adding their experience and level of talents to the team.
  • Budget Required:

  • Refreshments ( during the competitions ) - Rs 9750
  • Prizes - Rs 15000
  • Total - Rs24750/-


    This will diversify the sporting culture of IIT KGP and strengthen the Inter IIT teams at the same time.

    Disclaimer: The format and content of all the Proposals are given by the candidates only. No editing has been done by Awaaz.

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